Camping at French Cabin Creek Rd.

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The perfect adventure for first time campers. The hike to this lake is a simple half mile. It is a hidden permit is required. Duration: Overnight.

This area is a very secluded camp area, so unless it's a holiday weekend, be prepared to be alone :) It is a very quiet lake and along the roadside there are plenty of spots to hike, camp, and fish by the lake or the Cle Elum river.

So bring your day hiking gear and pole as well and head out in the morning for little mini-adventures. Just make sure to take in the scenery and enjoy this slice of heaven.

Take exit 80 off of i90 east. Take a left on bullfrog road. Heading North toward Salmon La Sac. Continue on highway 903. You will pass through a few towns. Roslyn, Ronald and eventually Lake Cle Elum. Take a left after passing Lake Cle Elum. Look for a sign for French Cabin Creek Rd. All along that road is fantastic camping. Pick a spot, you can park anywhere along the roadside. There is an old rusted bridge that is rotting, so once you reach that point you are unable to go any further. There are a lot of trails to camp along here as well (and outhouses are also available).


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RV people :(

There were a lot more people camping than I expected. Many RVs and noisy campers playing loud music. Went in the middle of the week in hopes of having some seclusion but all for not. The site is in a beautiful location and we were able get out and skirt the river to see some incredible views. Despite the noisy campers, it was a good time. I will do it again but at a different time of the year.