Rock Climbing at Granite Point

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Incredibly accessible, easy to find climbing. Decent range of skill levels. Beautiful scenery on the river.

Right off the Wawawai River Road, Granite Point is an incredibly accessible climbing spot for those in the Pullman, Washington or Moscow, Idaho area. A mere minute hike from the car to the climbing spot makes it very easy to bring all of your gear. Hiking from the bottom of the rock to the top, to set up a top rope only takes also just a few minutes.


Rock Climbing
Family Friendly
Cliff Jumping

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Go Cougs!

A nice range of routes available, nothing too hard though, and easy to set top-rope anchors by walking around to the top of the cliffs- very accessible. However, it can get very busy at the beginning of the school year, and at the end, so I would avoid the place in late August and late April/early May as it is a fun cliff jumping spot (into the Snake River) and a lot of WSU students gather to party.