Scramble to Fall Creek Falls (Stella Falls)

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Short roadside scramble to a beautiful waterfall.

From Interstate 5 in Kelso, exit onto Highway 4 and follow it west towards Cathlamet and Long Beach for about 11.3 miles. A quarter mile east of the town of Stella is Fall Creek, with Fall Creek Falls, or Stella Falls as it is sometimes called, visible from the highway. Watch for the falls through the trees on the north side of the road. If you cross Germany Creek you've got about 4/10ths of a mile too far. There's enough room to park safely along the highway for maybe 2 cars. From there scramble 100 feet down to the base of the 51 foot falls.



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Falls with Ladder

The falls were not very large because of summer and the lack of rain. But, there is a crazy steel ladder that goes to the top for your climbing pleasure. It follows the contours of the cliff. Once on top you can follow the river through a jungle of ferns, moss and fallen trees. Pretty fun. If you are afraid of heights it won’t be for you.