Run the Bryce Canyon Traverse

30.3 Miles Round Trip - 6600 ft gain - Point-to-Point Trail

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Run from the southern tip of Bryce Canyon to it's northern end on a secluded trail through forests and hoodoos.

The Bryce Canyon Traverse is a point-to-point run covering over 30 miles from Rainbow Point at the southern end of the park to Sunrise Point at the North. The majority of the run is on the remote Under-the-Rim Trail where you might pass the occasional backpacker, but won't find a tourist group for miles. To coordinate this run, you'll need to work in a group to stage cars at the start and finish. There is little water available during the run other than Iron Spring and the occasional trickle from a desert stream; recommended water drops are Agua Canyon Connecting Trail, Whiteman Connecting Trail, Swamp Canyon, Bryce Point, and Sunrise Point. Make sure to leave water drops in collapsible containers you can take with you or to retrieve them following your run. If you're super lucky you'll find a friend to crew and meet you at different drop points! The average time to complete the run including stops and photos is 10 hours.

Bryce Canyon sits at over 8,000 ft with significant snow preventing attempts during the winter. Spring and fall are the best time to run with summer heat reaching over 100˚F, but snow storms can still hit in the shoulder months. If you want to add more to your run and complete most of the trails in the park, add on the 9 mile Riggs Spring Loop the beginning and the 8 mile Fairyland Loop at the end.

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30.3 Miles
6600 ft elevation gain
Point-to-Point Trail

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A fabulous adventure....if you are prepared

Be aware that a free permit is required to hike, run or backpack this trail. It may be obtained at the Visitor Center. Black bears can be present and portions of the trail could be closed as a result...connecting trails could be closed or impassable due to winter damage. Your map reading skills need to be better than average, as portions of the main trail may be completely washed away or difficult to identify. Under no circumstances would you want to attempt this trail without others knowing your plans and when to expect you back on the rim. Temperatures can be extreme and swing rapidly in either direction. On the rim in July it may be a comfortable 80 on the rim....and approaching 100 at the bottom. Plan carefully....