Explore the Ghost Town of Cisco

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Explore a creepy Ghost Town stuck in the 1980's.

On our way to Moab from Colorado we choose to take the scenic route when some friends told us about this little Ghost Town. I kept the family in the car as I explored around and took photos, as this place had a super creepy vibe. I kept getting this errie feeling that someone was watching me, and they probably were! Please be aware there are a few residents that still live in this town. Please respect the do not trespass signs. There are plenty of other building to explore without the risk of getting shot! 

The town of Cisco dates back to the 1880's but died after it was bypassed by the construction of I-70 in the late 1950's. Now it has a few buildings and abandoned cars and trucks scattered around the town with a 1980's vibe. This location has been used in several films. 

Enjoy but be safe! 



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