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The trail runs along the high ridge between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Park City, then descends via Mill Creek Canyon. It's at high altitude, so the riding season starts in July. Most riders do the Wasatch Crest as a shuttled ride from the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. 13 mile shuttled ride from Guardsman Road to the Big Water trailhead in Mill Creek Canyon.

There are two popular starting points from Guardsman Road. The lower trail climbs and the higher one trail descends, then they converge at Scott's Pass below Puke Hill. The shuttled ride ends with a pavement rush down Mill Creek Canyon (and a possible detour onto Mill Creek Pipeline on the way down).

But there are two favorite "classic" starting points: (1) Go all the way to the Guardsman Pass parking lot and take Scott's Bypass trail. Scott's Bypass is 1.4 miles, descending 200 vertical feet (with a bit of climbing in the middle). The singletrack ends at Scott's Pass above Shadow Lake. (2) There's a doubletrack located at a turn in the Guardsman road. Parking is at roadside. The DT climbs uphill 0.8 miles to Scott's Pass. It's a stiff climb, covering about 450 vertical feet.

At Scott's Pass, take the doubletrack on your left heading uphill. You're now on the way to Puke Hill, the final brute climb to the Crest. It's 350 vertical feet in 1/2 mile, with the steepest part at the highest altitude. The name Puke Hill was not chosen arbitrarily. Take a break at 9900 feet to enjoy the views. On the ridge there will be singletrack to your right. That's Pine Cone Ridge. To continue on the Crest, veer left along the ridge on doubletrack trail. After the second transmission shack, it converts to single track.

The trail rolls up and down, with fabulous views of the granite peaks southward in Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood canyons on your left. Occasionally, you'll see a bit of the Park City area to your right.

Here are a couple local shuttle operations: Fox n Rox | Park City Bike Shuttle

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Crest is best!

My favorite ride in all of Northern Utah. Lot's of ways to get on and off the trail, but my favorite is to ride from puke hill all the way to Big Water Trailhead in Millcreek. You can even hit the pipeline on your way down Millcreek. That's a lot of single-track!

One of my favorite rides!

Super fun ride that's challenging but not impossible for beginner riders! Puke hill sucks by the way. There are a lot of other really fun, short trails before the Wasatch Crest Trail that I'd recommend like Scotts Pass and Blazing Saddle

Love this ride! Take a detour down to Desolation Lake at the ridgeline at Canyons to chill by the bright blue water. I always ride back up from Desolation Lake and finish at the base of Canyons.