Hike to Buckley's Abandoned Mine

Utah Rock Canyon Trailhead

Added by Josh Anderson

Crazy cool abandoned mine to explore!

Once you reach the mine it's gated but you can slide in. Follow the main tunnel a hundred or so feet back and climb the 75 foot ladder up to the second level. You can then make your way back out to the cliff face where there is another gate to the outside. That gate is a little trickier to squeeze through but it's a great spot for a campfire on the other side. Bring some wood and mallows to toast.

It's about an hour hike to reach the mine entrance starting from the rock canyon parking lot. You can climb around in the mine for an hour or more as there are tons of tunnels branching off from the main ones. You follow the main trail from the rock canyon parking lot for about a mile and cross the first bridge. Then there is a rock slide on the north side that you climb to the top of and then turn west (left) to hike along the cliff face around a few points. It's hard to spot the turn off from the main trail as well as the mine itself as it is 20 feet or so above the end of the trail.

I found this YouTube video that lead us there:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w4-NrkWEeM

Pack List

  • Water
  • Headlamp/flashlight or make sure you phone is charged
  • Campfire makin stuff
  • Marshmallows
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Spring, Summer, Autumn

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3 Miles

Elev. Gain:

200 Feet



Easy Parking

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How to Get There

12 days ago


One of my new favorite adventures! Hiking up to the mine is a bit of a challenge because a significant portion of the trail is very steep and on shale. We brought headlamps to explore the mine, which we were very grateful for when we climbed up the ladder and were in tighter areas! Next time I want to bring string so we can explore the mine more without worrying about getting lost

12 days ago

13 days ago

Switch Things Up!

It was a super fun little hike that goes up a lot of shale. Beautiful views and rock as you get closer to the mine. The ladder in the mine is not nearly as sketchy as we had imagined. We also just looked for some string someone left behind to lead us through the mine. It's a good time for sure, especially if you want to try something a little different.

13 days ago

19 days ago

Epic and Sketch!

The hike up is awesome, video helped me figure out where to go. Basically after you cross the first bridge on the main trail, look for a turn off to the left with a ton of rocks. This will be before you hit the second bridge, and that's where it starts. Trail is an awesome hike with great views. Mine is so sweet to explore! The ladder... that was pretty sketchy, but really awesome.

19 days ago

6 months ago

Fantastic Hike; Fantastic Mine

It took a group of able 23 year old guys an hour to get up there. I'm glad I went with someone who went up before because if i didn't, i would've gotten lost. The mine itself was very cool. We worked our way down the main tunnel for about 100 yards where the ladder was. The mine went further but we didn't go further than the ladder. There were several fingers that stretched to the left and the right. The ladder was definitely of the original wood, about 70 feet tall. We exited the mine out the top after climbing the ladder, and made our way down the way we came.

6 months ago

7 months ago

A Yosemite Look Alike In Utah Valley

Nice afternoon hike near the top, the ridges and look outs mimic those in Yosemite valley. We hiked at sunset and was beautiful. Once your in the mine make sure to have head lamps and remember where you came from, the mine is huge and one could easily get lost. Inside the mine there is a ladder that's about 40-60 ft that takes you to the upper part of the mine which is also an incredible labyrinth. Would highly recommend this hike

7 months ago

11 months ago

Sketch Is A Good Term

The hike is pretty dope. Good scenery and a lot of fun, it's kind of a more difficult hike so you should definitely be in pretty good shape and pack some good water. Sturdy shoes with good grip for some small free climbing is a good idea too! Inside the mine is nice and cool, it's easy to follow and pretty open. Once you get back in there is a ladder that is definitely sort of sketchy. It's a good 75ft up at least, and some of the rungs are older and thin. Just be careful! It goes up to a second shaft up higher in the mountain. All in all a good hike if you're into tight spaces and adventuring

11 months ago

11 months ago

Sketchy mine

Good hike, watch that YouTube video it helps. Coming back can be confusing. Just remember where you came from. The ladder in the mine is sketchy, not for those afraid of heights.

11 months ago

11 months ago

So Fun! But Don't Do Alone.

Way way cool exploration adventure but don't do this by yourself. There are a lot of ways to get in trouble and you will want to have at least a couple people with ya in case you find yourself in a sticky situation.

11 months ago

12 months ago

crazy cool

sweet little spelunking adventure with one heck of a view

12 months ago

Added by Josh Anderson

21 | bike | board | climb | insta and snap @joshy_blue

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