Hike the Lofty Lake Loop Trail

4.2 miles 935 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by Brandon Hentkowski

Peaceful multi lake loop trail with spectacular views in the Uintas.

Lofty Lake Loop Trail is located in the High Uintas near Kamas, Utah. The trail can be found right off the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway about 32 miles east of Kamas and starts at the Pass Lake Trailhead. 

This is a fairly mellow trail with some areas of good elevation gain, enough to get your heart working. A daypack and plenty of water with some picnic food is all you really need, unless of course you are staying overnight. Fishing pole would have been a nice addition to this trip as well. 

There are 2 different start points, either approaching Scout Lake first or Kamas lake. I decided to start with Kamas Lake and was very happy with the choice. The initial portion of the trail is very mellow with nice views of the mountains, streams and meadows. Less then a mile up you will come to the Cuberant Lake Trail junction where you will need to continue on the trail to Kamas Lake. Once you hit this junction there will be some slight increase in elevation till you hit Kamas Lake. At Kamas Lake enjoy a beautiful mountain lake and area to relax for fishing, chilly plunge or a picnic. You can end your hike here for an easy day or continue up to Lofty Lake about another mile from Kamas Lake. This takes you past an overlook with great views of the lakes below and plenty of opportunity for photographs before ending at Lofty Lake.

After Lofty Lake you can continue up the trail for another great scenic overlook of Scout Lake. You will be able to see the Steiner Boy Scout Camp on the lake below. The trail then starts a gradual decent along Scout Lake, eventually finishing at the parking lot you started at. 

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A Favorite Hike in the Uinta Mountains

This is one that we never miss when visiting the Uinta mountains due to the diversity and epic views. This hike takes you through forest, gorgeous mountain meadows filled with wildflowers, marshes, and rocky peaks, with several beautiful lakes and epic views all around. The recommendation to start this hike in a counter-clockwise direction is a good one, although you do climb quite a bit right off the bat. Going over the pass is the steepest part but you can pace yourself and take in the amazing views to be found here. My favorite part of this hike is the immense mountain meadow towards the end. So incredibly beautiful! Be advised that it rains every day in the Uintas, sometimes heavily and often suddenly, so be prepared with the proper clothing and footwear. Also, if doing this hike in July I strongly recommend bug spray because the mosquitoes are relentless! By August they are dying off but you should definitely have it on hand.

Awesome, Short Getaway

Completed this hike on 10/14/16. Started the hike at 7:30am and ended at scout 11:30. But that was with taking it pretty slow and exploring at each lake. So definitely could have been completed in a shorter amount of time if desired. Did the hike as recommended from multiple sites going counter clockwise. I'm glad we did because going the other way would have been going uphill for a longer amount of time. Going counter clockwise you do gain a bit of elevation in a short amount of time but after you reach the peak of the hike, it's very easy. Downhill and flat almost the rest of the way. This is a great hike for anyone wanting to get away from everything but not necessarily wanting to spend all day doing so. I really enjoyed the fact that it is a loop so everything you see is new and exciting until the end. There are multiple lakes, the ones named and unnamed along the trail almost from the get-go that keep it exciting. Going up to the pass is where the real "exhausting" part of the hike happens. But very doable for anyone if they pace themselves. The views from the pass are awesome. It overlooks the uintas to the east and you can spot right away scout, mirror and picturesque lakes, with bald mountain right there. Makes for an epic view. After you pass lofty lake, there is another sweet view to the north of a basin and more lakes. Overall, great short hike. Not too strenuous but challenging enough to be rewarding.

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