Summit Y Mountain

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Summit of one of the most recognizable mountains in Utah Valley in a 7 mile, 4-6 hour round-trip hike. This can be done in one day or you can camp out on the mountain and make it a 2 day hike.

Starting at the parking lot of the popular hike to the concrete Y on the mountain, you hike a mile of wide, well-maintained switchbacks to the Y itself. The trail is a little over a mile long and gains about 1,000 feet in elevation. This section of the hike is what most people do, just up to the Y and back down.

Once you get to the top of the Y, to the right there will be a single-track trail leading up the mountain. This trail will lead you south up the mountain, past rock outcroppings, and into Slide Canyon. This trail is much less crowded but also more narrow. You follow the trail up the canyon for a mile, gaining another 1,000 feet of elevation through trees, low scrub, and more scenic rock outcrops. The trail is fairly steep and will lead you to Bear Flat, a meadow where you can camp for the night or take a break for a snack. If you plan on camping, make sure to be ready for a cold night. There is only one area that is used for a campfire.

A couple of hundred feet to the east of Bear Flat, through some aspens, the trail will split into two. Follow the path that turns to the north. There should be a Y with an arrow carved into one of the trees. You follow this trail up through a steep aspen and pine forest and through a meadow that lies in a saddle. You will be gaining a little less than 900 feet in this 3/4 of a mile.

To the right is the true summit of the Y, with great views of Rock Canyon and the mountains to the east; to the left of the saddle is where you will get great views of Utah Valley and Squaw Peak. Make sure to stay on the trails as there are some cliffs to the front of the mountain that are dangerous. This is a great place to rest, have some snacks and take some pictures before heading back down the way you came up.

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