Run the Rambla around the Peninsula of Punta Del Este

3 miles  - Loop Trail

Added by Natalie O'Connor

Watch the sun rise or set along the water's edge of this simple, yet magical running route.

Uruguay's summer coincides with the winter months in the United States, which is one of the reasons why you should take this jaunt early in the morning. The second, is the people watching. The break of dawn signifies the end of the party scene in Uruguay and as you run along the bar lined coast in the wee hours, expect to see drunken make-outs and sunrise serenades.

I suggested a starting at Muelle Playa Mansa, but you can really start this run from anywhere nearby. I ran this route several times during my time in Punta del Este and each time was a new experience. Whether you choose to start on East or West side, you'll be greeted by a smooth path of concrete or wood along the entire peninsula, making this run fairly straightforward and flat. Follow along Rambla General Artigas, the coastal road through Punta del Este. 

You'll pass several sculptures including the infamous La Mano by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal.

It is important to note the portable toilets located along this route will be locked in the early hours. Use the bathroom prior to setting out on your run.

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Easy Walk With Nice Views

Super fun, relatively quick walk with great views. I definitely recommend walking out to the point where Atlantic and Rio de la Plata meet to take photos.

The perfect loop

Had the opportunity to run this loop one morning, and thoroughly enjoyed what the Peninsula had to offer. Amen on the toilets too. What an underrated country!

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