Fremont County, Wyoming

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Top Stories in and near Fremont County

  • Lander, Wyoming

    Road Tripping through the Northwest to the International Climbers' Festival

    The International Climbers' Festival has been going on every year in Lander, Wyoming for the last 25 years. I’ve been wanting to do a road trip through the Northwest all year. It worked out perfectly that The Gluten Free Bar needed somebody at the festival to serve up breakfast on the last mornin...
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  • Climbing Gannett Peak in 4 Days

    Two of my best friends and I decided we wanted to go for it and get some big mountain experience. So we took a couple of days off from work to make it into a long weekend to make it do-able. We left from the Black Hills on Thursday afternoon once we got off work. The drive was a little over six h...
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Let Adventure be your Destination in Wyoming

Wyoming’s wide-open spaces make it easy to get off the grid and on a trail, through a park, into a forest, up a mountain or down a river. During your journey through Wyoming’s Black to Yellow Region, discover geologic marvels, dense evergreen forests and sprawling prairielands.

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