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Yakima County, Washington

Looking for the best photography in Yakima County? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Yakima County. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near Yakima County

  • Ellensburg, Washington

    Hike Umtanum Creek Canyon

    3 mi / 500 ft gain
    Park your vehicle at the Umtanum Creek Canyon Recreation Area. Be aware that from mid-May to mid-September there is a $5.00 per vehicle, per day parking fee since the land is owned by Bureau of Land Management.Grab your gear and head for the swinging suspension bridge that will lead you over the ...
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  • Ellensburg, Washington

    Hike the Rattlesnake Dance Ridge Trail

    2.6 mi / 1350 ft gain
    Starting at an elevation of 2050 feet and immediately off the gravel parking lot to the side of Canyon Road, begin the uphill charge on the vast, empty Rattlesnake Dance Trail. A few steps in, the tone will be set as to what you are up against.Although less than a mile and a half in distance, do ...
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  • Yakima, Washington

    Surprise Lake via South Fork Tieton Trail

    13 mi / 1549 ft gain
    Getting There Take Road 1000 to start your hike at Conrad Meadows, which is also where you will park your car, be sure to leave your Northwest Forest Pass properly displayed on the dash of your car before you leave. Surprise Lake trailhead is one of the very few trailheads that starts out on th...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Hike to Goat Lake, Goat Rocks Wilderness

    10.5 mi / 1400 ft gain
    The trip to Goat Lake starts at the Walupt Lake campground parking lot. You will start on the Walupt Lake Trail (#101) and a short distance from the campground, take Trail #98 (Nannie Ridge) as it branches off and climbs steeply northeast onto an open, scenic ridge top.Continue on to Sheep Lake, ...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Hike to Elk Pass via "the Knife"

    18.2 mi / 4000 ft gain
    This is a rather long out and back, however, it can also be done as a backpack, which would give you more time to explore the Goat Rocks Wilderness, which is highlighted in other Adventures. For your trip to Elk Pass, begin your trek in the Snowgrass Flats parking lot. A Northwest Forest Pass is ...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Goat Lake-Jordan Basin Loop

    12.58 mi / 2703 ft gain
    This is one of my favorite hikes for Washington State. Aside from the massive volcanoes hanging out down here, the southern region of the cascades is much more tame compared to areas further north. As I mentioned in my Old Snowy report, a jaw dropping side trip from the loop trail, the Goat Rocks...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Summit Old Snowy Mountain

    17 mi / 3800 ft gain
    The hike begins just outside of Packwood, Wa at the Berry Patch Trailhead Trail #96, sitting pretty at about 4200ft. The Goat Lake/Jordan Basin loop trail starts here, leading to Old Snowy. The magical Goat Rocks Wilderness area is just southeast of Mt. Rainier. It also lies right in the crosshai...
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  • Quincy, Washington

    Catch the Sunset at Wild Horse Monument

    0.4 mi / 150 ft gain
    If you're traveling along Hwy 90 in the middle of Washington State, the Wild Horse Monument is a fun and rather quick area to explore. Located 30 miles east of Ellensburg and 60 miles northwest of Yakima, the monument is located just across the Columbia River as you head east. As you drive, there...
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  • Yakima County, Washington

    Mount Adams Circumambulation

    35.1 mi / 8881 ft gain
    ***Before you go on this trek, give the Yakama Nation a call and talk to a Ranger to make sure the trail is open to backpackers or hikers.*** 1-509-865-5121 or 1-509-395-3402 There are a few places you can start this adventure, but starting from the South Climb Trail Head and Cold Spring Campgrou...
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  • Skamania County, Washington

    Hike to Adams Glacier Meadows

    7.5 mi / 1800 ft gain
    For the most of the hike, the mountain is hidden behind the firs that surround the hiker as they gain elevation. Because of the dense forest the trail is remains in for most of the hike, it is nicely shaded and pleasant to wander through. At about 2 miles in, the trail leads the hiker into variou...
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