Olga, Washington

Looking for the best running in Olga? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Olga. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Running Spots in and near Olga

  • Concrete, Washington

    Dock Butte

    3.92 mi / 1388 ft gain
    Dock Butte is an easy hike offering truly spectacular 360 degree views of the Mt. Baker region. In summer this summit can be done as an easy walk up. It is especially good during the late summer for hikers and introducing someone into hiking. From the parking lot the trail goes through forest wi...
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  • Port Angeles, Washington

    Run Ediz Hook "The Spit"

    3 mi / 0 ft gain
    Ediz Hook or as locals call it, "the Spit" is a 3 mile long sand spit that extends out from Port Angeles along the Juan De Fuca. The views of the surrounding mountains and Vancouver Island, the marine life, beaches, and picnic areas make this a prime spot for a memorable run.  We parked at the lo...
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  • Belcarra, British Columbia

    Hike the Springboard Trail and Explore Woodhaven Swamp

    5.9 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
    From the parking lot at Woodhaven Swamp, head down the wooden steps to the lower path and then follow the path clockwise, passing over a small boardwalk bridge at the east end of the wetland. At the west side of the swamp, look out for a smaller trail that veers off on the left and follow that as...
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  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Run the Stanley Park Seawall

    7.5 mi
    Start at either end of Stanley Park, running directly along the pacific ocean on the seawall path. I prefer to run from Coal Harbour to south towards English Bay - a better view, and you can stop at sunset beach for a post-run drink!
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  • Port Angeles, Washington

    Peabody Creek Trail

    5.1 mi / 948 ft gain
    Peabody Creek Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Port Angeles, Washington.
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  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Explore Wreck Beach

    Located on UBC Vancouver campus, Wreck Beach is the only nude beach in Canada. It is a popular destination for students and the public, and is home to the best sunsets seen in Vancouver.To get to the beach, there is a descent of approximately 500 stairs, so be cautious - going down means having t...
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  • Port Angeles, Washington

    Olympic National Park Foothills Trail

    6.23 mi / 1772 ft gain
    Olympic National Park Foothills Trail is an out-and-back trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Port Angeles, Washington.
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  • North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Hike the Lynn Canyon Loop

    4 mi
    The Lynn Canyon Loop is a 5km trail that takes you up through the dense forest before looping back along the rushing water of the river.There are several trail systems throughout Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, that cater to every ability. Depending on what you're looking for, Lynn Canyon can prov...
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