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Granite Falls, Washington

Looking for the best rock climbing in Granite Falls? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Granite Falls. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Granite Falls

  • Granite Falls, Washington

    Climb Del Campo Peak, WA

    Begin by parking at Barlow Pass and following the Gothic Basin Trail to Foggy Lake. Most of the trip's mileage is consumed by just getting to Foggy Lake, from here, the summit sits about 3/4 of a mile distant and over a thousand above you.Face the mountain and identify the obvious leftward trendi...
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  • Darrington, Washington

    Climb Sloan Peak via the Corkscrew Route

    14 mi / 6035 ft gain
    You'll start the approach to this climb at the Sloan Peak trailhead at 1800ft elevation. Moving south along the trail, you'll begin with a traverse through some marshlands and several water crossings along the Sauk River and its tributaries for the first mile and before gaining any elevation. It ...
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  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Hike Baring Mountain

    Don't let the low mileage trick you – this is not an easy climb. Give yourself plenty of time to summit this beast of a mountain.Starting at the Barclay Lake Trailhead, be careful not to jump on to the Barclay Lake Trail. The path to Baring Mountain is hidden down a path leading from the bathroom...
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  • Concrete, Washington

    Climb Mt. Baker via the Easton Glacier Route

    16 mi / 7600 ft gain
    The Easton Glacier route is one of the mountain’s most popular and likewise, most crowded. Check out Mt. Baker’s Squak Glacier route or Coleman Deming Glacier route for an alternative climb with similar difficulty.You’ll start out at Schreibers Meadow Trailhead (3,200 ft.). To get there, exit off...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Sport Climbing at Exit 38, Deception Crags Area

    Sport Climbing at Exit 38, the Deception Crags Area, is an amazing area to climb within 1/2 hour drive of downtown Seattle. It is an amazing resource for climbers living in Seattle, as during the spring, summer, and fall, it can be reached quickly afterwork, with minimal traffic.There are 5 disti...
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  • Skykomish, Washington

    Climb Slippery Slab Tower

    13 mi / 4200 ft gain
    Start out at the Tunnel Creek trailhead. You will follow the trail for about 1.6 miles until you reach Hope Lake and the PCT. From here, you want to travel south along the PCT.For the next 3/4 of a mile, you will hike up switchbacks until you reach the saddle, where it will start to level out a b...
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  • Skagit County, Washington

    Climb Sahale Peak via the South Slope Route

    12 mi / 4000 ft gain
    To get to Sahale Peak, drive to Marblemount, WA and continue on the Cascade River Road (Forest Road 15) for 23.5 miles. The road ends at the Cascade Pass trailhead, where the climb begins.The first part of the climb follows the Cascade Pass trail for 3.5 miles and 1,800 feet. Cascade Pass makes a...
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  • Concrete, Washington

    Mt. Shuksan via The Sulphide Glacier Route

    13.62 mi / 6230 ft gain
    NOTE: This is a very challenging mountaineering adventure. Please do not attempt without the proper skill, knowledge, and equipment.  The Sulphide Glacier is the easiest and most popular route to the summit of Mt. Shuksan, and is a great beginner’s glacier + rock climb. More experienced climbers...
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