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Enumclaw, Washington

Looking for the best fitness in Enumclaw? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Enumclaw. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Fitness Spots in and near Enumclaw

  • Packwood, Washington

    Lakes Trail Loop

    5.34 mi / 1381 ft gain
    The Lakes Trail Loop can be accessed two ways. You can either start in Paradise and find one of the multiple points along the Skyline Trail or you can begin at Reflection Lake. My recommendation for a nice day hike is to begin at Reflection Lake. If you arrive by 8am you should have an easy time...
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  • Ashford, Washington

    Hike Kautz Creek to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground

    11 mi / 2520 ft gain
    Named after the Native American who lived here prior to Mt. Rainier becoming a national park, So-To-Lick's was dubbed "Indian Henry" by the postman who unfortunately did not learn his name. When heading out on this hike, keep an eye on the weather in Mt. Rainier National Park. If hiking this trai...
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  • Seattle, Washington

    Washington Park Arboretum Loop Trail

    2.4 mi / 197 ft gain
    The Washington Park Arboretum is the perfect place to swing through if you're looking for a short and gentle trail run without leaving the city. This expansive park includes the UW Botanic Gardens, Japanese Gardens, entire length of the Arboretum Creek - all landmarks you'll pass on this trail. ...
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  • Seattle, Washington

    Howe Street Stairs

    0.31 mi / 217 ft gain
    The Howe Street Stairs are Seattle’s longest continuous stairway, and your quads will confirm this fact after you’ve done a few sets of repeats. This is a great place to raise your heart rate and get some exercise outside of the gym. If you’re up for it, throw in some push-ups and sit-ups in betw...
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  • Kirkland, Washington

    Forbes Creek Stairs

    0.19 mi / 92 ft gain
    All benefits of a stair master paired with fresh air is the perfect recipe for a northwest workout. 210 wooden railroad ties make up a staircase that will test your endurance, build strength and get you sweating in no time. The stairs are open year round, 24 hours a day and offer parking for abo...
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  • Seattle, Washington

    Lighthouse and Discovery Park Loop

    4.27 mi / 384 ft gain
    This Beautiful park in Seattle offers up gorgeous views of Puget Sound. The park has an easy to follow loop, which is about 4.5 miles. There are easy offshoots of the loop if you're looking to get a little extra distance. Keep an eye out for Hidden Valley Trail and North Beach Trail if you're up ...
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  • Packwood, Washington

    Canyoneering Olallie Creek, Mt. Rainier

    2.5 mi / 700 ft gain
    Disclaimer: Canyoneering is a dangerous and technical activity. Don’t enter any canyon without the skills to match it, or the knowledge to navigate it. Be sure to check the flow of Olallie creek to ensure that it's safe. In an area where canyoneering isn’t hugely popular, here lies a canyon that ...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Trail Run to Silver Falls

    2.4 mi / 200 ft gain
    This is a trail that could easily be done by your older family members but also could be a nice trail run or quick hike for you. The trail starts from Loop B in the Ohanapecosh Campground and after a quick section, you will be walking over the hot springs in the area. They ask that you stay off t...
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  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Baring Mountain

    4.62 mi / 3556 ft gain
    Don't let the low mileage trick you – this is not an easy climb. Give yourself plenty of time to summit this beast of a mountain. Starting at the Barclay Lake Trailhead, be careful not to jump onto the Barclay Lake Trail. The path to Baring Mountain is hidden down a path leading from the bathroo...
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  • Ronald, Washington

    Trail Run to Robin Lakes

    17 mi / 4100 ft gain
    Starting Elevation: 3400 Feet Ending Elevation: 6178 Feet Round Trip Run: 17 Miles Total Elevation Gained for the Day: 4100 FeetIt's best to drive to the trailhead the night before and camp out (I slept in my Jeep to get an early start on the next morning). The parking lots are jammed full on the...
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  • Skykomish, Washington

    Beckler Peak

    7.55 mi / 2139 ft gain
    Looking for a gradual forest hike up to a peak with 360° views of the Cascades? Beckler Peak trail winds through old growth, past rushing waterfalls, and up to a granite summit. From the top, you can see mountains in the Cascades such as Glacier Peak, Mount Baring, Mount Index, Evergreen Mounta...
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