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Eatonville, Washington

Top Spots in and near Eatonville

  • North Bend, Washington

    Mailbox Peak New Trail

    10.53 mi / 4127 ft gain
    *Disclaimer this article is in regards to the newly built trail.* For the old trail, head to Hike Mailbox Peak.  Just off of exit 34, Mailbox Peak offers a birds-eye view of the surrounding area. This hike begins at a mere 800 ft. above sea level and by the time you are done you are nearly touch...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Summit Mount St. Helens via Monitor Ridge

    9.4 mi / 4585 ft gain
    Monitor Ridge is the "easiest" of the routes one can take in order to claim that they have stood on top the sleeping giant better known as Mount St. Helens. This route is heavily favored over Worm Flows as the starting elevation is not only an additional 1,000 feet higher but the overall ascent ...
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