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The Best Backpacking in Castle Rock

Looking for the best backpacking in Castle Rock? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Castle Rock. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top backpacking spots in and near Castle Rock

  • Toutle, Washington

    Backpack to Snow Lake by Mt. Whittier

    16 mi / 2700 ft gain
    The Coldwater Lake Recreation Area has restrooms, telephones, and a picnic area. Make sure you have already acquired your permits for camping in the Mt. Margaret back country.Follow trail #211, which runs along the entire 4.5 mile length of Coldwater Lake. It is a beautiful and fairly flat hike w...
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  • Toutle, Washington

    Mount Margaret's Ridge Camp via Coldwater Trailhead

    7.12 mi / 1634 ft gain
    The hike is relatively easy. I'd say intermediate due to the incline at the beginning. Also intermediate due to it being an backpacking camp adventure. A friend of mine and I backpacked in to shoot the sunset and sunrise. We went a little early in the season so it was also to scout for future ad...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Summit Mount St. Helens via Monitor Ridge

    9.4 mi / 4585 ft gain
    Monitor Ridge is the "easiest" of the routes one can take in order to claim that they have stood on top the sleeping giant better known as Mount St. Helens. This route is heavily favored over Worm Flows as the starting elevation is not only an additional 1,000 feet higher but the overall ascent ...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Summit Mount St. Helens via Worm Flows

    10.8 mi / 5700 ft gain
    The Worm Flow Route, starting at Marble Mountain Sno Park, is the most direct winter route up to the summit. You'll start at around 2,700 feet and begin a steady walk along the trail for 2 miles. Although the trail is fairly well marked well above the snow, you'll want to pay attention to the arr...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Backpack around Mount Saint Helens via the Loowit trail

    31.7 mi / 6000 ft gain
    This is a very difficult hike. Camp sites are scarce and access to water is very limited. Overexposure is a concern so be sure to pack a hat and apply sunscreen frequently. There are sketchy sections of the trail where you will be forced to navigate steep washed out gullies that are unstable due ...
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  • Skamania County, Washington

    Hike to Norway Pass

    4.4 mi / 860 ft gain
    Just 96 miles south of Seattle, and 50 miles northeast of Portland, Mt. St. Helens and its wild, rugged beauty awaits you.Starting at the Norway Pass Trailhead parking lot, walk a dusty and sometimes ashy trail through recovering forest, low brush, wildflowers and blown down, sun bleached logs. T...
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  • Amboy, Washington

    Siouxon Trail to 14 Mile Falls

    13.03 mi / 2310 ft gain
    When you park at the top of the trail, all you see is layers and layers of emerald trees and ground clear of any underbrush. Once on the trail, you start on a rapid decline that brings you to the first of the many streams along this hike. Cross the bridge made out of logs and head towards the ma...
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  • Yacolt, Washington

    Hike Silver Star Mountain via Grouse Vista

    6 mi / 2000 ft gain
    The Grouse Vista Trailhead is located through the town of Washougal off of highway 14 just past Camas. Once you leave the city, the road will turn to gravel and dirt though it is fairly well maintained until snow arrive and accessible by most cars so long as you're willing to get drive over loose...
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