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  • Mexican Hat, Utah

    Top Spots in and near Mexican Hat

    • Lake Powell, Utah

      Hike Moqui Canyon

      11.1 mi / 1614 ft gain
      Hidden in Moqui Canyon is an ancient petroglyph site, with pictures of animals such as bighorn sheep. The long, shallow alcove hosting the petroglyphs was once an Ancestral Pueblo dwelling. 
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    • Lake Powell, Utah

      Hike to the Ancestral Puebloan Ruins in Forgotten Canyon

      4 mi / 200 ft gain
      The Ancestral Puebloan Ruins found up Forgotten Canyon can only be described as awe inspiring and humbling. The small adobe brick homes are known as the Defiance House. It is believed that there were a couple of families (15-20 people) who dwelled in these homes circa 1200 A.D. These ruins can ...
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    • Montezuma Creek, Utah

      Hike the Ruins of Hovenweep National Monument

      2 mi / 80 ft gain
      Hovenweep National Monument consists of 5 separate units which were once Ancestral Puebloan communities. The main trail, Little Ruin Canyon, starts from the Visitor Center and is the only unit that has paved access. Don't let the dirt-clay roads keep you from the other units though, they are not ...
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    • Monticello, Utah

      Backpack Salt Creek

      33 mi / 1000 ft gain
      The Needles District of Canyonlands receives 6 times as many backpackers as its more popular neighbor across the Colorado River, Island in the Sky. The Needles has an excellent trail network that is incredibly diverse, featuring amazing rock features as well as grassy meadows and savannahs.  Whil...
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    • Teec Nos Pos, Utah

      Visit Four Corners Monument

      Pretty cool spot to check out if you are in the area. Not a hike or anything like that. Just a cool landmark that will let you grab some pretty nice pictures. Enjoy!
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