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    Looking for the best rock climbing in Eden? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Eden. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Eden

    • Logan, Utah

      Hike to Saddleback Mountain Reflectors

      2.6 mi / 2302 ft gain
      Head east on the road going into Green Canyon, and just before the road turns Northeast, you will see a short dirt road continuing up towards the mountain next to a small power station. You can park anywhere along here. The trailhead is at the top of this road. The trail is hard to spot, but you ...
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    • Richmond, Utah

      Hike Mt. Magog

      5 mi / 1702 ft gain
      Mt. Magog is one of the most visually striking mountains in the Bear River range. With its very rocky peak being visible from Tony Grove, it is often photographed, but rarely ever hiked. It is rarely hiked because there is not actually an official trail that goes to the summit. This makes the hik...
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    • Salt Lake City, Utah

      Climb West Slabs of Mount Olympus

      Park at the top of Thousand Oaks Drive, and make your way to the dirt path heading east. It will be a well maintained, well-covered single dirt track which takes you to the base of a really impressive couloir. Follow the trail until you reach the couloir / rocky gully. You will then see the West ...
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    • Park City, Utah

      Hike Fantasy Ridge to Desolation Peak from Canyons Village

      6.5 mi / 2000 ft gain
      The easiest way to start this hiking only trail is to jump on the Red Pine Gondola at the Canyons Village of Park City Mountain Resort. If you have an Epic Pass, the lift is free. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a ticket to ride to the base of Red Pine Lodge.  From the base of Red Pine Lodge (8,000...
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    • Salt Lake County, Utah

      Hidden Falls

      0.16 mi / 138 ft gain
      Hidden Falls is a beautiful little waterfall with minimal crowds. When I say minimal, I mean I've only seen another person there 1 of the 5 or 6 times that I have been. Take it in. Stay a while. Scramble around the small canyon for different perspectives of the falls or the creek. If you don't ha...
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    • Salt Lake County, Utah

      Broads Fork Twin Peaks

      8.57 mi / 4984 ft gain
      The Broads Fork trailhead starts in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the same parking lot as the Lake Blanche trailhead. This trailhead is on the west side of the parking lot. The trail is marked and easy to follow for a good chunk of the way. You will come to a big basin and alpine meadow where you wil...
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    • Cottonwood Heights, Utah

      Rock Climbing at Dogwood

      If you can avoid the crowds, Dogwood is an easy crag to get to with a lot of 5.fun climbs and a legendary 5.13a sport climb. From the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Dogwood picnic area is 1.1 miles up the canyon. Park on the street to avoid having to pay $8 and walk into the picnic area. Fol...
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    • Alta, Utah

      Hike and Scramble Mount Superior

      5 mi
      This is an intermediate to advanced hike. Scrambling up the ridge is more difficult but can be done by anyone with patience and a few maneuvering skills. It is best climbed in the summer months when the ridge is free of snow. However, it makes for a good winter climb for more technical experience...
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