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Bicknell, Utah

Top Stories in and near Bicknell

  • The Wonders of Capitol Reef National Park

    Capitol Reef may be my new favorite national park. Nothing compares to the wonders of Glacier, but this place comes close in second for me. It’s got all your standard Utah red rock wonders; arches, canyons, scenic landscapes and colorful sunsets. This park, however, has something different than w...
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  • Is Capitol Reef National Park Utah’s Best Kept Secret?

    With way more popular neighbors like Bryce Canyon NP and Zion NP, the latter of which was the fourth most visited national park in 2019, it is easy to understand why Capitol Reef NP has stayed relatively unknown. In a beautiful state such as Utah, where two-thirds of the land is federally owned, ...
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  • Capitol Reef, Utah

    Why You Need to Explore Capitol Reef National Park

    When you think of Utah national parks, you're probably immediately flooded with visions of Delicate Arch, Bryce Canyon, and Angels Landing. These iconic locations are iconic for a reason...they're freakin' gorgeous. In Utah, it's tough to compete for attention in the whole "Beautiful Places" depa...
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  • Escalante, Utah

    Squeezing through the Slot Canyons of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

    “Where are we supposed to go? Under these rocks?” Alex asked. To both of our sides shot up towering sandstone walls that enclosed us into a space no more than a couple feet across. Ahead of us was a pile of fallen boulders that looked impenetrable; it seemed we had hit a dead end. I fished my pho...
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