Top Adventures in El Paso

  • Hike the Vertigo Ridge Trail

    Start your hike from the Stanton Street parking area. The trail starts a little steep at first but then levels out. There are several connections to other trails. There is a good view of a small canyon and also a cave. The cave is not accessible s...

    1.1 miles 265 ft gain

  • Hike Mount Cristo Rey Trail

    The trails winds its way up the mountain with several stopping places with crosses and other religious artifacts. On top of the mountain is a very large statue of Christ. This hike provides good views of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso, and Mexico...

    4.6 miles 649 ft gain

  • Hike the Ranger Peak and Directissimo Trails

    Take the Aerial Tramway up to the top. The ride up is short but scenic. Once on the platform, hike the Ranger Peak Trail which affords you good views of the El Paso area and the Franklin Mountains. Return to the parking lot below via the Directiss...

    2.6 miles 1230 ft gain

  • Hike the Granola Bowl Loop Trail

    This trail can be hiked at different times of the year. In the spring there are several species in bloom and in the summer wildflowers. There are good views of the Franklin Mountains and West El Paso.

    0.7 miles 170 ft gain

  • Hike the Mayberry Trail

    This is a great trail to be able to hike year-round. Great place to see wildlife and wildflowers in the spring and summer. Also a great place to see many species of cacti. This trail connects to the numerous trails in Lost Dog system and has great...

    1.8 miles 127 ft gain

  • Hike the Tom Mays Trail

    Hike this trail from the entrance of the State Park all the way to the parking lot of the Schaeffer Shuffle Trail. There are good views of the Franklin Mountains and lots of cacti and wildflowers to enjoy. This trail intersects with the Aztec Cave...

    2.6 miles 502 ft gain

  • Hike the Lower Sunset Trail

    I have hiked this trail several times but only in sections since it is so long. You can start from either the south parking or the north parking lot. I'd suggest leaving a car at both if possible so you can hike point-to-point if you want a shorte...

    7 miles 1043 ft gain

  • Hike to West Cottonwood Springs Trail

    Start your hike from the west cottonwood trail parking lot and ascend through some nice desert vegetation. The trail is rather rocky and has lots of loose rocks so step carefully. You'll pass by the old copper mine and then proceeded up the steep ...

    1.6 miles 781 ft gain

  • Hike the Agave Loop Trail

    Start your hike at the West Cottonwood trail parking lot. The ascent on the trail is not too difficult. First the trail will take you to the top of the Sneed Cory with good views of the State Park. After that, continue up the mountainside, which h...

    1.9 miles 370 ft gain

  • Hike to North Franklin Peak

    El Paso is a sprawling city that is remarkably split by the Franklin Mountains. By driving up the Transmountain Road you can get a view of city, but stopping at Franklin State Park and climbing the North Franklin Mountain Peak you can top the city...

    8 miles 2100 ft gain

  • Hike Mundy's Gap Trail

    You can start hiking the trail either from the West side or East side. I started on the West side at the Agave Trail. The climb up the mountain is not too hard and offers good views of the mountains. There are some very interesting rock formations...

    3.9 miles 1004 ft gain

  • Hike the Aztec Cave trail

    Start your hike from the parking lot and cross an arroyo to start your ascent to the cave. The trail climbs steadily but not difficult to hike. There are benches along the way if you need to rest your legs. The caves are small but interesting and ...

    0.6 miles 501 ft gain

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