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    Looking for the best rock climbing in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near United States

    • Twentynine Palms, California

      Ryan Ranch

      0.75 mi / 56 ft gain
      If you're in Joshua Tree, this is a great spot for sunset. A short, maybe 1/2 mile hike to the old ranch from the parking lot. We stayed at Ryan Campground and just walked in from there, about the same distance. Make sure to bring your camera, especially if there are spotty clouds in the sky a...
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    • Durango, Colorado

      Climb Fuller Peak

      Begin by hiking the Ice Lakes Trail for 3.5 miles, which will take you to Ice Lake. From here, you can identify the obvious, delta-shaped mountain to climber's left, known as Fuller Peak (13,761ft). Hike cross country, directly toward the base of the North Ridge (right skyline), walking past Full...
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    • Logan, Utah

      Hike to Saddleback Mountain Reflectors

      2.6 mi / 2302 ft gain
      Head east on the road going into Green Canyon, and just before the road turns Northeast, you will see a short dirt road continuing up towards the mountain next to a small power station. You can park anywhere along here. The trailhead is at the top of this road. The trail is hard to spot, but you ...
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    • South Lake Tahoe, California

      Boulder at D.L. Bliss State Park

      This place is bouldering heaven. Short approach to the first boulders, challenging routes for every level, good landings, and set in a beautiful area. It's like Bishop, but without the long drive.Technically you can come anytime in the season, but it is highly suggested to get a morning session i...
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    • Hoodsport, Washington

      Snowshoe Mt. Ellinor's Winter Route

      5 mi / 4500 ft gain
      You can stat this adventure at one of two trailheads. I suggest using the lower of the two. The start of the trail ascends through a forest of old growth pines with periodic views of Mt Washington. Eventually, at a fork in the trail, you will see a sign marking the start of the winter route. You ...
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    • Trinidad, California

      Strawberry Rock Trail

      2.99 mi / 505 ft gain
      To get there: From the south, take the Trinidad exit, from which you will take a slight left/ go straight onto Trinidad Frontage rd. From The north, get off at the Trinidad exit, cross under the freeway, and take a left on Trinidad Frontage rd. Once on Trinidad Frontage rd, go straight to the end...
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    • Keystone, South Dakota

      Hike Sunday Gulch Loop

      2.8 mi / 400 ft gain
      To get to Sunday Gulch Trail you will need to walk around Sylvan Lake to the Northwest End of the Lake, there is a loop all the way around the lake, so either way will take you there. You will see a sign for Sunday Gulch Trail, it is trail #6.  The trail itself can be quite steep in places but it...
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    • Highlands, North Carolina

      Hike the Whiteside Mountain Loop

      2 mi / 595 ft gain
      Whiteside Mountain is simply breathtaking, there is no way around it.  Views of the mountain from the South expose its sheer granite face, which runs almost its entire length East-to-West.  However, the views of the mountain are just the beginning, as this hike climbs to higher heights than just ...
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    • Siskiyou County, California

      Climb Mt. Shasta via Avalanche Gulch

      11 mi / 7200 ft gain
      The Avalanche Gulch route is the second easiest, non-technical route to the summit of Mt. Shasta after the Clear Creek Route, but is by far the most popular. Many people complete this climb in one day from the trailhead, but you also have the opportunity to overnight at Horse Camp (7,950 ft.) or ...
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    • Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

      Raven’s Rock Overlook

      2.4 mi / 554 ft gain
      The Raven’s Rock Trail leading to the Raven’s Rock Overlook is easily the second most photographed area of the Coopers Rock State Forest! There are two ways to access the trail which doubles as an access road. The first trail access can be found along the WV County Road 73/16 also known as Coope...
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    • Moab, Utah

      Camp at Williams Bottom Campground in Moab

      Williams Bottom Campground and its 17 first-come first-serve campsites are tucked into the side of the Colorado River Canyon on Utah Highway 279 aka "Potash Road" just 15 minutes from downtown Moab. It is commonly known as one of *the* rock climbing campground on the west side of Moab, as there a...
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    • Cabins, West Virginia

      North Fork Mountain Trail & Chimney Top

      22.84 mi / 4390 ft gain
      One of my favorite hikes in West Virginia, since the whole ridge is full of views.  Backpacking the North Fork Mountain Trail is about 24.7 miles in total and a challenging hike but with relentless views. In my opinion, the best West Virginia has to offer. Summertime backpacking the whole the NF...
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    • Thornton, New Hampshire

      Welch Mountain and Dickey Mountain Loop

      4.09 mi / 1617 ft gain
      This is a very well-marked and traveled trail, marked with yellow blazes. Start off at the trailhead (easy parking, $3 fee) and be sure to go counter-clockwise for the best route. The beginning of the trail meanders along next to a babbling brook and through forested terrain. The climb gets stead...
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    • Alta, Wyoming

      Bouldering at "Boulder City"

      Starting from the Cathedral Group Turnout off of Jenny Lake Road, find the trail next to the Cathedral Group sign. Follow this trail west into the trees for about 10 minutes. You will come across a very obvious, rocky path on the right hand side of the trail. Follow up and continue until you are ...
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    • Lee Vining, California

      Climb the Third Pillar of Dana

      From Highway 120 (Tioga Road) you can park at the lot just above Tioga Lake. Another mile up the road is the Yosemite entrance, so if you hit that, you've gone too far. Follow the trail around the south side of the lake and into Glacier Canyon. After about 2 miles you'll start scrambling on the N...
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    • Highlands, North Carolina

      Bouldering Granite City

      0.3 mi / 96 ft gain
      At the foot of Blackrock Mountain just outside of Highlands, North Carolina, lies one of the most unique and secluded natural playgrounds around.  Granite City is composed of several massive granite boulders, ranging between 10-40 feet tall.  This spot is most popular for bouldering (mostly V0-V2...
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