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  • East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    Top Spots in and near East Stroudsburg

    • Milford, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Cliff Park Ridge

      6.4 mi / 700 ft gain
      This 6.4 mile out-and-back trail (2.7 miles each way) is an excellent trail for those looking to spend an early morning or afternoon outside without the strenuousness of all-out mountain hiking. Throughout the entire hike, there is only 700 ft. of elevation gain. Don't let this turn you away if y...
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    • Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

      Shades of Death Trail

      1.89 mi / 223 ft gain
      The trailhead and parking are available by the park office or along PA 534 by the nature center and amphitheater. This trail is beautiful and seemed to change around every bend. Sand Spring Run flows alongside the entire trail. Rock formations and rhododendron mix with remains of a logging mill a...
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    • Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

      Pinchot Trail

      21.97 mi / 1913 ft gain
      The Pinchot Trail, built by the Sierra Club's Northeast Pennsylvania Group and located in the southern corner of Lackawanna County, is an excellent warmup or beginner backpacking trail.  The trail systems totals 22 miles but can be broken up by the North or South Loops. The North loop is mostly f...
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    • Frankford, New Jersey

      Picnic at the Sunrise Mountain Pavilion

      This pavilion is one of the key features along the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. There is a parking lot a very short hike part way down the mountain, but I recommend backpacking in from a different area to take in more of the beauty of the trail, mountains, and views in this area. ...
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    • Washington Township, New Jersey

      Hike Hacklebarney State Park's Trout Brook Riverbanks

      This is a relatively easy hike through Hacklebarney State Park that is great for families with younger children, rock scrambling, photography, and just hanging out in nature. There are two different ways to explore Hacklebarney, either by staying on the packed gravel path or by following the bank...
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    • White Haven, Pennsylvania

      Kayak the Francis E. Walter Dam

      The Francis E. Walter Dam, located in White Haven, Pennsylvania, is truly an amazing location. Constructed in 1961, Francis E. Walter Dam, has prevented nearly $180 million in flood damages to the Lehigh River Valley. The reservoir was designated for recreation use by Congress in 1988. While kaya...
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    • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

      Bike the Lehigh Gorge Trail: Lock #2

      4 mi
      It was a rainy day, which brings along mud (but I think mountain biking is better in the rain and mud anyways).Enter the trail by going through the county parking lot and to the left end under the bridge. The trail starts along the tracks and you can admire the restored old rail cars. Cross ove...
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    • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

      Bike the Switchback Trail around Mauch Chunk Lake Park

      11 mi
      The trail entrance can be found by going up Broadway and taking Hill Road to the right at the Opera House. At the top of Hill Road will be the entrance to the trail; there is a nice little wooden sign so you don't miss it. This trail can be hiked or biked; we chose to do some mountain biking.Th...
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    • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Glen Onoko Falls

      4.1 mi / 987 ft gain
      *Again, this hike is CURRENTLY CLOSEDThere are several WRONG ways to do this trail. Follow these simple instructions to get the most out of all Glen Onoko has to offer: Parking: Parking in the correct location is the most important step to this trail. Beware: typing in Glen Onoko Falls in Google ...
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    • Wantage, New Jersey

      Hike the Iris Tail - Appalachian Tail Loop

      9 mi / 1000 ft gain
      Start this hike from the Appalachian Trail parking area off route 23, south bound side, south of the park office. Follow the Blue Dot trail until is intersects with the Iris Trail. The Iris Trail (marked with red blazes) is a through hike that is about 5 miles long. It parallels the Appalachian T...
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    • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

      Hike to Bake Oven Knob

      0.76 mi
      The trail is VERY rocky and stepping up the rocks requires proper footwear. From the beginning of the trail, hike until you reach an opening filled with rocks and boulders. Stay to the left of this and you will see the unmarked trail continue. After climbing up this, there is an overlook to the N...
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    • Sussex, New Jersey

      Camp at High Point State Park

      You'll need at least a weekend to sample all that High Point State Park has to offer. One of the park's must-do hikes is to High Point Monument (1,803 ft), where you have panoramic views of the Pocono and Catskill Mountains, and the Wallkill River Valley. Additionally, there are 50 total miles of...
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    • Barryville, New York

      Camp at Kittatinny Campground

      This campground is perfect for a group of friends that want to spend a couple days outdoors camping!With 350 campsites, there are many different types of sites available: from sites with electricity to sites 3 miles from the main camp. Decide how intense (or not intense) you and your group want ...
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    • Rockaway, New Jersey

      Hike the Timberbrook Pond - Riley's Rise Loop

      5 mi / 500 ft gain
      The trailhead parking is at the end of Timberbrook Road, before the road enters Camp Winnebago (Boy Scouts). I hiked this in a clockwise directions starting on the Timberbrook Trail (yellow markers).  After about 1 mile the trail ends at a junction with the Four Birds Trail (white markers).  Turn...
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    • Frenchtown, New Jersey

      Hike to the Devil's Tea Table

      0.5 mi / 20 ft gain
      Apart from the rock, there's more trail to follow for a stunning overview and a great spot to hang out and relax. The view is a must-see, it is so much better in person. The hike is not challenging at all, it is basically a straight trail. Climbing some medium sized rocks might be required, but i...
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    • Jefferson, New Jersey

      Thru Hike the Four Birds Trail

      19 mi / 1200 ft gain
      The Four Birds Trail is about 19 miles long and is a great thru hike or can be done in sections as out and back hikes or part of loop hikes with other trails.  Starting from the north, the trail ascends gradually over easy terrain until you reach a cliff ridge.  There are several good view points...
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