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    Looking for the best backpacking in Oregon? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Oregon. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Backpacking Spots in and near Oregon

    • Jordan Valley, Oregon

      Backpack the Painted Canyon Loop, Honeycombs Wilderness

      9.04 mi / 1237 ft gain
      The Honeycombs Wilderness Area is one of those top secret spots that backpackers don't like to talk about in fear of it being revealed. The thing that makes this trip special is just that: isolation. The trailhead is just west of the Oregon/Idaho border but is best to approach from the Idaho sid...
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    • Detroit, Oregon

      Dome Rock via the Upper Trailhead

      2.36 mi / 479 ft gain
      From Highway 22 at the Breitenbush River Bridge, in Detroit, turn north on to French Creek Rd. Drive up French Creek about 7.7 miles to the Upper TH #3379/3381 to Dome Rock and Tumble Lake. The trail can be found on the left side of the road and is easily seen after you pass it. It's best to pass...
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    • Deschutes County, Oregon

      Hike to Moraine Lake Beneath South Sister

      5 mi / 1476 ft gain
      The lake is less than 3 miles from Devils Lake. Starting from the Trail head along Cascade Lakes Highway you gain 1,476 feet of elevation. You will follow the South Sisters Climbers trail, it is well traveled, and well marked. The majority of the elevation gain occurs in the first two miles, as y...
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    • Sisters, Oregon

      Three Fingered Jack Loop

      24.07 mi / 3537 ft gain
      Begin this 2-3 day backpacking trek at the Santiam Pass trailhead off Highway 20, 31 miles east of Detroit and 21 miles west of Sisters, Oregon. You can begin the loop either north on the PCT or East on trail #4014 towards Square Lake (as it is a loop) I would recommend heading east. It's a 2.2 ...
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    • Government Camp, Oregon

      Climb the Mt. Hood Summit

      7 mi / 5239 ft gain
      Starting at 6,000 ft of elevation at Timberline Lodge, start your climb up the south side of Mt. Hood. If you head out at noon, in 6 hours you can make it about an hour past the last ski lift, called Palmer, where you can set up camp for the night. You may need to dig out a flat spot for your ten...
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    • Rhododendron, Oregon

      Burnt Lake and Zigzag Mountain

      12.27 mi / 3225 ft gain
      After getting your back country permit from a park ranger, you can park your car and head up Zigzag Mountain. There's a tiny 'parking lot' (lot of dirt) where you park that's right by the trailhead. The hike up to the campsites is roughly 4 miles, and it is all uphill. Not only are you surrounde...
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    • Joseph, Oregon

      Lakes Basin Loop and Eagle Cap Summit

      32.87 mi / 6604 ft gain
      The Location: With 360,000+ acres and 534 miles of trails, the Eagle Cap Wilderness is Oregon’s largest wilderness area. With rugged terrain similar to the nearby Sawtooth’s and distant Trinity Alps, this park's options for adventure are endless. This wilderness area is pristine despite its high ...
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    • Idanha, Oregon

      Hunt's Cove via Pamelia Lake Trail

      14.74 mi / 3150 ft gain
      This loop through the Pamelia Lake Limited Entry Area is one of the premier backpacking trips in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The trail offers sustained up-close views of Mount Jefferson and several lookout points provide panoramic views of the western Oregon Cascades. The several large back...
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    • Joseph, Oregon

      Backpack the Hurricane Creek Trail

      24 mi / 3200 ft gain
      This very gradual, easy trail that ends at the Lakes Basin, which is comprised of many lakes such as Mirror Lake, Sunshine Lake, and Moccasin Lake. These lakes can also be accessed by the Two Pan Trailhead, which is a shorter, but steeper hike.There is also a great side hike about a quarter of a ...
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    • Deschutes County, Oregon

      Summit Black Crater

      8 mi / 2211 ft gain
      The Black Crater Trailhead parking lot is accessed off the McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242). The trailhead starting elevation is 5,040ft. (using the iPhone app "Topo Maps". Great app) with a 3.8 Mile hike one way to the Black Crater Summit at 7,251ft of elevation. Some parts of the trail are steep and g...
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    • Marion County, Oregon

      Explore Mt. Jefferson

      I went for a quick overnighter. The end of August is great for weather, very little bugs, and perfect time to meet and chat with PCT through hikers.The weather was absolutely perfect for night photography and lounging around camp. It's also one of the best views in Oregon if you ask me.If you're ...
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    • Deschutes County, Oregon

      Matthieu Lakes via Lava Camp Lake Trail

      6 mi / 922 ft gain
      Begin your hike at the Lava Camp Lake Trailhead. The trail winds through a forest flush with hemlock and fir while opening up into black lava flows. Continue for a little over two miles until you reach North Matthieu Lake. This is your first stop. Go for a swim out to the little island and have a...
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    • Tillamook, Oregon

      Wilson River Trail

      18.58 mi / 4879 ft gain
      This long trail provides hikers with great views of the corridor in the Coast Range. As the trail follows public land for the most part, there are a couple sections with steady elevation gains to avoid private land: near Lees Camp and Ryan Creek. Although the trail receives some of the most rain...
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    • Crescent, Oregon

      Base of Mt. Thielsen via Mt. Thielsen Trail

      7.26 mi / 1926 ft gain
      The Trail begins at Mt. Thielsen Trailhead/Sno Park and takes you up through a vast forest of pines. As you ascend, Diamond Lake will slowly start to peak through. Continue straight at mile marker 1.6 and keep an eye out for Mt. Thielsen ahead. Just before entering Mount Thielsen Wilderness aroun...
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    • Mount Hood, Oregon

      Snowshoe to the Tilly Jane A-Frame

      2.7 mi / 1900 ft gain
      Built in the 1930's, the Tilly Jane A-Frame sits on the North side of Mount Hood at around 6,000ft. The cabin is very popular during winter months as it is located only 1,000ft below the tree line and offers beautiful snowshoeing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding opportunities, yet is also a popul...
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    • Hood River County, Oregon

      Camp at Elk Meadows

      4.5 mi / 1200 ft gain
      This is a great trip for those who are new to backpacking. The hike to the quiet, peaceful Elk Meadows is relatively short, but the Newton Creek crossing presents enough difficulty to make this a fun and challenging adventure.Start at the Hood River Meadows Trailhead parking lot. Though there are...
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