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Top Spots

Cathedral Mountain Mesa Trail

Cleo Springs, Oklahoma

1.45 mi / 276 ft gain

Cathedral Mountain Trail at Gloss Mountain SP

Cleo Springs, Oklahoma

1.12 mi / 180 ft gain

Photograph the Salt Flats at Great Salt Plains State Park

Cherokee, Oklahoma

Photograph Little Sahara State Park

Waynoka, Oklahoma

Camp at Great Salt Plains Lake

Jet, Oklahoma


Sandpiper Trail

Cherokee, Oklahoma

0.53 mi / 33 ft gain

Eagle Roost Nature Trail

Jet, Oklahoma

2.3 mi / 266 ft gain

Meadow Lake Park to Enid Trail

Enid, Oklahoma

4.93 mi / 85 ft gain

The Harold F. Miller Auto Tour Route

Burlington, Oklahoma

4.89 mi / 322 ft gain

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