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  • Cleo Springs, Oklahoma

    Top Spots in and near Cleo Springs

    • Cleo Springs, Oklahoma

      Cathedral Mountain Trail at Gloss Mountain SP

      1.12 mi / 180 ft gain
      In central western Oklahoma, there is a fiery hued “mountain” range that is unique for its shiny, mirror like exterior due to its high selenite content layered upon each other during the prehistoric times. This colorful myriad of mesas and buttes towering almost 1,600 feet above sea level is call...
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    • Cherokee, Oklahoma

      Photograph the Salt Flats at Great Salt Plains State Park

      Located in western Oklahoma and close to Great Salt Plains Lake, is the salt flats of Great Salt Plains State Park. With nearly 18 square miles of layers of salt that had been deposited from a prehistoric ocean, it is quite an incredible landscape to photograph. There are hundreds of species of b...
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    • Waynoka, Oklahoma

      Photograph Little Sahara State Park

      In western Oklahoma and just a few miles south of the town of Waynoka, is a sand dune gem called Little Sahara State Park. Known to ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts all over the region, Little Sahara State Park contains over 1,500 acres of golden sand dunes towering up to 75 feet high that were form...
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    • Jet, Oklahoma

      Camp at Great Salt Plains Lake

      Located in Great Salt Plains State Park in western Oklahoma, Great Salt Plains Lake provides ample camping opportunities while also being a very scenic location with kayaking, fishing, and bird watching activities. It is also a great place to stay at if you are traveling to the salt flats or Alab...
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    • Hitchcock, Oklahoma

      Roman Nose State Park Loop

      2.71 mi / 223 ft gain
      Roman Nose State Park is a great weekend getaway that offers plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. There are 4 interconnected trails that are easily accessible. I recommend taking the Lake Loop Trail to the Mesa Loop Trail. This route will take you to Inspiration Point where you will h...
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    • Watonga, Oklahoma

      Hike the Three Springs trail at Roman Nose SP

      0.2 mi / 50 ft gain
      The Natural Springs Trail located in Roman Nose State parks is an excellent family friendly hike. The trail is very easy to find . When you come in from the park entrance just keep going straight do not take the right fork.You will keep going for about 2 miles. You will take the right turn onto ...
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    • Freedom, Oklahoma

      Go Wild Caving at Alabaster Caverns

      2 mi
      Drive to Alabaster Caverns State Park. Wild Caving is open From April 1-September 30th. You must have at least 3 people in your party. You must all have helmets and at least 2 light sources per person. Go to the visitor center to get permits and the map. Refer to the map for all route-finding! Ow...
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    • Freedom, Oklahoma

      Camp in the Water Cave at Alabaster Caverns

      Call and reserve the water cave in advance. It is a group site and will cost around $40. Drive to Alabaster Caverns State Park in NW Oklahoma. Pick up your permits from the visitor center. Park in the NW corner of the main parking area. You will take a trail northwest for a few hundred yards befo...
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