Top Adventures in Placitas

North Crest Trail

10.45 mi / 4678 ft gain

Sandia Crest Trail

27.04 mi / 5915 ft gain

Tunnel Springs Loop

4.16 mi / 1371 ft gain

Agua Sarca #231 and North Crest #130 Trail Loop

9.23 mi / 3051 ft gain

Agua Sarca Trail

5.41 mi / 2717 ft gain

Agua Sarca #231, North Crest #130, 10K #200 and Osha #201 Loop

11.32 mi / 3852 ft gain
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Placitas camping, hotels, and more

Sandia Park, New Mexico

Las Huertas Picnic Site

Sandia Park, New Mexico

Balsam Glade Picnic Site

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Capulin Spring Picnic Site

Cedar Crest, New Mexico

Nine Mile Picnic Site

Oso Corredor Trail

Doc Long Picnic Sites A And B

More Lodging Options

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