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Browning, Montana

Top Spots in and near Browning

  • West Glacier, Montana

    Swim at the Belton Bridge

    The Belton Bridge is the old entrance to glacier. You can get there by turning right down old river bridge road, which is the first right when you turn in to the West Glacier village. There are some 5-8 ft rocks to jump off, but be sure to check the water below them first. The water is gorgeous, ...
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  • Choteau, Montana

    Hike Jones Creek

    4 mi / 300 ft gain
    The trail head to Jones Creeks is just off of Teton River Road (the road that takes you up to Teton Pass Ski Area) and is marked with a sign, however it's only visible when you're coming down from Teton Pass. If you miss the sign, keep in mind it's about two miles past the Cave Mountain Forest Se...
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  • Columbia Falls, Montana

    Hike to Apgar Lookout

    7 mi / 1850 ft gain
    Precursor: I completed this hike in November, hence the snow in the photos. Due to a lack of tree coverage, this hike is best suited for a cool summer day, or in the late spring and early autumn. It is doable in the heat of the summer, but be sure to pack plenty of water. This hike begins by tre...
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  • West Glacier, Montana

    Hike to Howe Lake

    4 mi / 240 ft gain
    The hike begins along the Inner North Fork road across from a small parking area. The trail meanders up a slight incline most of the way through areas of a recent fire, as well as some areas with spectacular wildflowers when it gets a bit more lush. Around 1.7 miles in you will go up a relatively...
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  • Bigfork, Montana

    Swim in Graves Bay Swimming Hole

    To get to this swimming hole you drive south from Hungry Horse on the West Side Road (Forest Road 895) 33.6 miles to the Graves Creek Campground. Park in the small parking lot with the bear box and outhouse, opposite the campground closer to the lake. Follow the path as it leads you past the casc...
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  • Bigfork, Montana

    Explore Graves Creek Falls

    Graves Creek Falls are a series of pleasant waterfalls viewable without much effort. To get here From Hungry Horse drive south on the West Side Road (Forest Road 895) 33.6 miles to the Graves Creek Campground. From here turn right into the campground, park and take a short walk of a couple hundre...
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  • Martin City, Montana

    Drive around Hungry Horse Reservoir

    About 100 miles of mostly gravel roads (14 miles of pavement) will take you around this beautiful reservoir.  With that many miles of road and the shoreline to go with it, it is obvious that there is plenty to see and do in the Hungry Horse area. Check out some of my other adventures for ideas of...
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  • Hungry Horse, Montana

    Relax at Spotted Bear Beach

    Spotted Bear Beach is a secluded white sand beach in the middle of Montana. To get here from the town of Hungry Horse, drive east on Highway 2 for ½ mile to the East Side Reservoir Road #38. Turn right (south) onto Road #38 and drive on through the town of Martin City. After two miles the pavemen...
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