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    Find local adventures, unique places to stay, and local adventure tours in Maryland.

    Top Spots in and near Maryland

    • Havre de Grace, Maryland

      Hike the Susquehanna Ridge Trail at Susquehanna State Park

      6 mi
      What is it with Harford County and its slew of awesome parks? Nestled in the Northeast corner of Maryland, between the Chesapeake Bay and the river it takes its name from, Susquehanna State Park is gorgeous. A couple miles and a world away from I-95, SSP is expansive and lush. There are 15 miles ...
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    • Baltimore, Maryland

      Hike the Fort McHenry Trail

      0.9 mi / 16 ft gain
      Park in the lot and head out either direction on this short loop trail. Trail can get crowded, so be prepared to share the space. 
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    • Boyds, Maryland

      Black Hill Regional Park Loop

      2.78 mi / 312 ft gain
      The Black Hill Regional Park has 1300 acres of oak forests that have views of the Little Seneca Lake. This lake offers a place for visitors to canoe and stand up paddle board.  This trail is open to hiking and mountain biking. In addition, dogs are welcome to use the trail but must be on leash a...
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    • Street, Maryland

      Hike the White Trail

      3.4 mi / 643 ft gain
      Park in the lot off of  St. Clair Bridge Rd to access the trail.  Be aware that some parts of the trail are rocky and/or steep. This trail is dog friendly and is accessible from October through November. 
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    • Derwood, Maryland

      Hike, Bike, or Run the Lakeside Trail and Muncaster Mill Trail

      3.41 mi / 196 ft gain
      Park at the Meadowside Nature Center to Access the trailhead. This is a 3.4 mile loop with opportunities for birding and observing wildlife. Dogs are welcome on leash. 
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    • Kingsville, Maryland

      Hike the Jerusalem Village Trail & Jericho Covered Bridge Trail

      4.3 mi / 341 ft gain
      This is a moderately rated hike that features a river and quite a few hilly sections. The trail is known to be rather muddy, so be sure to wear appropriate waterproof footwear. Note that some sections of the trail are not well marked. You may want to review a map before embarking. There is park...
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    • Oakland, Maryland

      Hike the Herrington Manor/Swallow Falls Trail

      11 mi / 25 ft gain
      I began my adventure at the trailhead in Herrington Manor State Park. The parking lot was empty and the trail was very easy to access. From start to finish this trail varies in the width of its path. For the first mile I had a lot of foot room, but as I went deeper into the forest, the trail turn...
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    • North East, Maryland

      Hike the Elk Neck State Forest Trails

      6.6 mi / 450 ft gain
      Park in the lot (see map) and follow signage for the loop trail. This is not a highly trafficked trail so there may be sections that need some maintenance, but that won't get in the way of completing the hike. 
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    • Cockeysville, Maryland

      Hike the Oregon Ridge Park Trail

      4.02 mi / 475 ft gain
      Park in the lot as indicated on the map (see below). This trail is accessible year round, dog-friendly, and is great for families. 
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    • 7, Smithsburg, Maryland

      Hike to Devil's Racecourse on the Appalachian Trail

      3 mi / 1500 ft gain
      Start your hike where the AT crosses Raven Rock Road (Maryland Route 491). This crossing is well-marked from both sides by large, yellow signs and blazed stakes. You will need to park on the side of the road, but the shoulder is wide and can accommodate a crowd.  The first half mile or so of this...
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    • Crisfield, Maryland

      Kayak Camp at Janes Island State Park

      Everyone goes to the Eastern Shore. Few people get to experience the Bay like this. The journey out to the Long Point backcountry site is a bit arduous, especially if you haven't studied the tide charts (guilty). The last mile or so requires a paddle through rough, open waters. Crab and cruising...
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    • Knoxville, Maryland

      Hike Maryland Heights Trail Loop

      5.3 mi / 1600 ft gain
      Learn Civil War history as you hike through forts and read signs about the war.  Enjoy beautiful lookouts, including one with a great view of Harpers Ferry.  The 5.3 mile hike is relatively easy and offers an interesting opportunity to learn history in one of the most important historical areas i...
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    • Bel Air, Maryland

      Hike the Deer Creek Trail

      2 mi
      Because Palmer State Park is still under development (with no timeline given for its completion), there are only a few trails that meander through this 555-acre reserve. Palmer's official website offers a not-so-helpful topographical map, but the easiest way into the park that I could find was ne...
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    • Cambridge, Maryland

      Kayak the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

      The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is a perfect place to get away for a day. It offers more than 28,000 acres of marsh, forrest, and croplands which are teeming with wildlife.  The refuge has a visitors center which is a good place to start the adventure and acquire knowledge of the area, th...
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    • Freeland, Maryland

      Hike Hemlock Gorge

      3.5 mi / 300 ft gain
      This is one of Baltimore's little known gems. The area contains an ecosystem which is essentially non-existent outside of the Appalachian mountain regions. It has also been seemingly under-appreciated and abused by locals. I am trusting that the Outbound Collective community will do its part to e...
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    • Pocomoke City, Maryland

      HIke the Bald Cypress Trail

      1 mi / 0 ft gain
      The beautiful Pocomoke River State Park is divided into two sections, the Shad Landing Area and the Milburn Landing Area. The Bald Cypress Nature Trail is located in the Milburn Landing Area. Once you are in the Milburn Landing Area, you'll want to look for the Mattaponi Pavilion sign and turn do...
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