Top Adventures in Havre de Grace

  • Hike the Susquehanna Ridge Trail at Susquehanna State Park

    What is it with Harford County and its slew of awesome parks? Nestled in the Northeast corner of Maryland, between the Chesapeake Bay and the river it takes its name from, Susquehanna State Park is gorgeous. A couple miles and a world away from I-...

    6 miles

  • Hike the White Banks Trail at Elk Neck SP

    Most people visit Elk Neck to photograph the lighthouse, or access to the Bay (the throttle of speed boats is never far), but don't miss out on the trails. The three mile out-and-back White Banks Trail offers crazy-beautiful views of the Chesapeak...

    6 miles

  • Hike to the Turkey Point Lighthouse in Elk Neck SP

    This hike begins from the parking lot trailhead that is well-marked.  Be cautious - parking is limited and may be full on weekends, and the paved road suddenly ends at the parking lot entrance.  The path is crushed stone, wide, and relatively flat...

    1.6 miles 60 ft gain

  • Hike the Elk Neck State Forest Trails

    Park in the lot (see map) and follow signage for the loop trail. This is not a highly trafficked trail so there may be sections that need some maintenance, but that won't get in the way of completing the hike. 

    6.6 miles 450 ft gain

  • Hike the Deer Creek Trail

    Because Palmer State Park is still under development (with no timeline given for its completion), there are only a few trails that meander through this 555-acre reserve. Palmer's official website offers a not-so-helpful topographical map, but the ...

    2 miles

  • Hike the Jerusalem Village Trail & Jericho Covered Bridge Trail

    Hike in the parking lot off of Jerusalem Road to access the trail (see map below). This trail is dog-friendly and accessible all year. 

    4.3 miles 341 ft gain

  • Hike the White Trail

    Park in the lot off of  St. Clair Bridge Rd to access the trail.  Be aware that some parts of the trail are rocky and/or steep. This trail is dog friendly and is accessible from October through November. 

    3.4 miles 643 ft gain

  • Hike Little Jersey Trail Around Lums Pond

    Little Jersey Trail around Lums Pond is a 7.7 mile loop hike where you may see beautiful wild flowers located near Bear, Delaware.

    7.7 miles 150 ft gain

  • Hike Swamp Forest Trail

    Swamp Forest Trail is a 6.8 mile loop hike where you may see beautiful wild flowers located near Bear, Delaware.

    6.8 miles 157 ft gain

  • Hike the Swamp Forest Trail

    Especially scenic in the fall, this well maintained trail loops around a small pond. It is an easy walk (or bike ride) that has a good chance of numerous wildlife sightings.

    7.5 miles

  • Hike Michael N. Castle Trail

    Michael N. Castle Trail is a 19.7 mile out and back hike that is good for all skill levels located near Bear, Delaware.

    19.7 miles 328 ft gain

  • Camp at Lums Pond State Park

    Lums Pond State Park offers endless adventures while you camp in the newly renovated campground. Explore the pond via kayak, hike through more than 12 miles of trails, fish from the water’s edge, take your dog to enjoy the off-leash dog park, or t...

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