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Greenville, Maine

Looking for the best hiking in Greenville? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Greenville. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Greenville

  • Greenville, Maine

    Wilson's Falls

    2.49 mi / 387 ft gain
    Wilson's Falls is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Guilford, Maine.
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  • Guilford, Maine

    Hike Borestone Mountain

    3.6 mi / 2000 ft gain
    Important notes about this hike: REQUIRES A FEE: $6 per adult, $3 per student - they don't collect the fee until you get to the visitor center about a mile in, so don't get caught like I did without cash!Does NOT allow dogs.  Drive towards the Audubon Sanctuary and come to a parking lot just outs...
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  • Monson, Maine

    Lodge-to-Lodge Trail to Gorman Chairback Lodge

    12.6 mi / 1066 ft gain
    Lodge-to-Lodge Trail to Gorman Chairback Lodge is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Greenville, Maine.
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  • Brownville, Maine

    Hike the Grand Canyon of Maine (Gulf Hagas)

    8.6 mi / 1000 ft gain
    Find the trailhead by turning left at the Brownville junction and then turning left onto Katahdin Ironworks Rd. This is a well maintained dirt road (had no trouble getting down it with a Corolla). There is a checkpoint where you need to pay a day use fee. When I went summer 2018 it was $9 per per...
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  • West Forks, Maine

    Moxie Falls

    1.9 mi / 318 ft gain
    The trail begins at the Moxie Falls trailhead. Continue along the trail until you cross an access road. Cross the access road and keep going. The trail is unmarked, but wide and distinct enough to make it easy. You will hear the falls before you see them. Your walk will take you to the top of the...
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  • Bingham, Maine

    Houston Brook Falls

    0.37 mi / 79 ft gain
    Houston Brook Falls is a 32-foot waterfall that flows into the Kennebec River. The hike usually takes about 15 mins roundtrip, but more time can be spent at the falls.   The Trail From the parking lot there is a small trail to the left. The trail is unmarked, but visible and easy enough to foll...
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  • New Portland, Maine

    Avery Peak and West Bigelow

    8.96 mi / 3291 ft gain
    Begin on East Flagstaff Rd and follow the Safford Brook Trail until you reach the junction with the Appalachian Trail. Turning left or north bound will bring you, shortly to the side trail for the Safford Brook Campsite; turning right (or southbound) on the A.T. will begin the climb to Avery Peak...
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Hike to Rocky Pond

    2.09 mi / 190 ft gain
    Anytime you're visiting Baxter State Park it is worth making a quick stop at Kidney Pond Campground and hike the Rocky Pond Trail. From the park's South Gate, Kidney Pond is about an hours drive along the Park Tote Road heading Northwest. Once on Kidney Pond Road, stay straight at the turn and it...
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Summit Mt. Katahdin via the Hunt Trail

    10.4 mi / 5000 ft gain
    Let me start off by saying, this is not an easy hike by any means. Only attempt this if you are an experienced hiker. The route has over 5,000 ft elevation gain in a little over 5 miles. You start off your hike in the Katahdin Stream Campground parking area, following the white Appalachian Trail ...
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Hike the Abol Trail to Mt. Katahdin

    7.2 mi / 3960 ft gain
    The trailhead starts from the Abol Campground inside of Baxter State Park. I would highly recommend staying the night before so that you can get an early start on the hike as it can be an all day affair.   For the first 1.4 miles you meander along a stream bed through a densely wooded forest, the...
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  • Baxter Park Road, Maine

    Backpack to Katahdin Lake

    6.6 mi / 0 ft gain
    This hike is located in Baxter. Maine residents gain free admission into the park; non-residents must purchase a day pass ($14 per vehicle) or season pass ($39 per vehicle). After entering the park at Togue Pond Gate of Baxter State Park, bear right and continue onto the Roaring Brook Road for 6....
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Backpack to Russell Pond, Davis Pond, Baxter Peak, and the Knife Edge

    20 mi / 5000 ft gain
    Day #1 This Backpacking trip starts at the Roaring Brook campground on the east side of Baxter SP. Immediately after entering the park through the Togue Gate, take the first right towards Roaring Brook CG. Register with the Ranger there and begin your hike to Russell Pond on the Russell Pond Tra...
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Hike Mt. Katahdin via Chimney Pond and Saddle Trails

    11 mi / 2353 ft gain
    Hiking Katahdin is extremely rewarding and worthwhile. Not only are you welcomed with an incredible view at the summit, but if you hike it later in the year you can have the chance to talk with those finishing their 2,000 mile journey on the Appalachian Trail. There are many routes up this mounta...
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  • Millinocket, Maine

    Summit Mt. Katahdin via the Knife Edge Trail

    11.2 mi / 5267 ft gain
    Started the hike at Roaring Brook Campground and followed the Chimney Pond Trail for 3.3 miles one-way (Elevation gain 1,425 ft). Upon reaching the Chimney Pond Campground, we re-watered and started up Dudley Trail for a short, but steep 1.3 miles one-way (Elevation gain to Pamola Peak 1,988 ft)....
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