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    Looking for the best backpacking in Maine? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Maine. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Backpacking Spots in and near Maine

    • Millinocket, Maine

      Mt. Katahdin via Hunt Trail

      9.5 mi / 4144 ft gain
      Let me start off by saying, this is not an easy hike by any means. Only attempt this if you are an experienced hiker. The route has over 5,000 ft elevation gain in a little over 5 miles. You start off your hike in the Katahdin Stream Campground parking area, following the white Appalachian Trail...
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    • Isle au Haut, Maine

      Camp at Acadia National Park's Duck Harbor

      8.85 mi / 150 ft gain
      Introduction Didn't think there was backpacking to be done in Acadia National Park?  Think again!  Isle au Haut (pronounced "isle ah ho") is a little island off of Stonington, Maine.  Half of the island is a quiet and quaint New England island community and the other half is part of Acadia Natio...
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    • Millinocket, Maine

      Russell Pond, Davis Pond, Baxter Peak, and the Knife Edge Loop

      20 mi / 5000 ft gain
      Day #1 This Backpacking trip starts at the Roaring Brook campground on the east side of Baxter SP. Immediately after entering the park through the Togue Gate, take the first right towards Roaring Brook CG. Register with the Ranger there and begin your hike to Russell Pond on the Russell Pond Tra...
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    • Trailhead: Cutler Bold Coast Trail, Maine

      Backpack Cutler Coast

      9.6 mi / 0 ft gain
      This is a great hike for beginner backpackers! We were able to successfully complete it with our 4month old puppy! At the trailhead, there is plenty of parking and an outhouse. We took the coastal trail to the ocean and continued along the Fairy Head Loop: This trail provides the most extensive s...
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    • Baxter Park Road, Maine

      Backpack to Katahdin Lake

      6.6 mi / 0 ft gain
      This hike is located in Baxter. Maine residents gain free admission into the park; non-residents must purchase a day pass ($14 per vehicle) or season pass ($39 per vehicle). After entering the park at Togue Pond Gate of Baxter State Park, bear right and continue onto the Roaring Brook Road for 6....
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    • Weld, Maine

      Hike Tumbledown Mountain

      5.6 mi / 2300 ft gain
      To keep the hike as short as possible, the hike can be an out and back at 5.6 miles, but if you wanted to make it a loop that is possible and adds only an additional 2 miles or so. We took the Brook Trail up to the summit (which passes by the alpine lake) and then followed it back down. To hike t...
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    • Millinocket, Maine

      North Traveler Mountain Trail to Pogy Notch Trail Loop

      9.49 mi / 3169 ft gain
      North Traveler Mountain Trail to Pogy Notch Trail Loop is a loop trail that takes you by the lake located near Millinocket, Maine.
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    • Monson, Maine

      Lodge-to-Lodge Trail to Gorman Chairback Lodge

      12.6 mi / 1066 ft gain
      Lodge-to-Lodge Trail to Gorman Chairback Lodge is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Greenville, Maine.
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