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Somerset, Kentucky

Top Spots in and near Somerset

  • Oneida, Tennessee

    Backpack to Angel Falls Overlook in the Big South Fork

    6.4 mi / 800 ft gain
    Starting at a very small parking space, you head onto a fairly overgrown trail for half a mile. The trail then begins to thin out and is not as overgrown. Keeping a steady incline, you almost instantly feel the burn in your calves.  At around 2 miles in, there is a single grave from a baby that l...
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  • Oneida, Tennessee

    Paddle the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River

    This is an awesome trip because it allows you get a little taste of what it could have been like to explore the nation by waterway hundreds of years ago. Paddling as a means of traveling is an ancient practice. You are able to glide through nature, more a part of it rather than an unwelcome intru...
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  • Oneida, Tennessee

    Short hike to East Rim Overlook

    0.2 mi / 50 ft gain
    This trail is located in Big South Fork National Recreation Area. This is more of a walk than a hike. The entire trail is paved except for the wooden boardwalk overlook at the end. The overlook shows the gorgeous views of the river valley and some of the rock formations in the area. The trail is ...
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  • McKee, Kentucky

    Resurgence Cave

    4.74 mi / 341 ft gain
    Resurgence Cave in McKee, Kentucky offers a unique hiking trail that is both challenging and rewarding. The trail is of moderate difficulty, requiring sturdy footwear and a good level of fitness. It winds through dense forest, past towering rock formations and along the edge of a clear, fast-flow...
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  • Oneida, Tennessee

    Hike Honey Creek Loop

    5.6 mi
    The trailhead of the  5.6-mile Honey Creek outer loop can be found at the Big South Fork National River - Honey Creek Trailhead Overlook in Robbins, TN  37852. This trail is marked by dark green blazes and is one of the park's most challenging to hike. While the trail is rugged, it is easy to get...
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  • Lancaster, Kentucky

    Hike to the Kentucky River Palisades

    2.4 mi / 500 ft gain
    The Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve is maintained by the Nature Conservancy and one of a few preserves in the Kentucky River Palisades ecosystem. The Kentucky River Palisades loop trail leaves from the 8-car parking lot from both directions and follows an old stage coach trail. There are a few ...
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