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Top Spots in and near Iowa

  • Madrid, Iowa

    Hike the Lost Lake Trail

    1.4 mi / 88 ft gain
    Ledges State Park is located close to Des Moines and Ames, home of Iowa State University. Upon entrance to the park, campsites and picnic areas are easily accessible. The defining feature of the park are the sandstone features, or ledges, that overlook the beautiful Des Moines river. The Lost Lak...
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  • Westfield, Iowa

    Hike Five Ridge Prairie

    4.8 mi / 790 ft gain
    Five Ridge Prairie State Preserve is located in Westfield, Iowa. The trail winds through both wooded areas and open prairie. It spans 4.8 miles and is mainly used for hiking and running. It is free to park at, though to get here, you'll have to drive a gravel road.  The trail has slopes and flat ...
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  • Decorah, Iowa

    Hike North Bear Creek

    2.4 mi / 124 ft gain
    North Bear Creek is a 7.4 mile out and back hike that takes you by a river located near Decorah, Iowa.
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  • Muscatine, Iowa

    Hike Wildcat Den Trail

    4 mi / 495 ft gain
    Wildcat Den Trail is a 4 mile loop hike where you may see beautiful wild flowers located near Muscatine, Iowa.
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  • Ocheyedan, Iowa

    Hike the Willow Creek Park Trail

    0.6 mi / 13 ft gain
    Willow Creek Park Trail is located at Willow Creek County Recreation near Ocheyedan, Iowa. It has a peaceful lake with multiple docks, a .6 mile trail that runs around the lake, a playground, and picnic area. It is easily accessed off IA-9 and is free. The trail travels through prairie grasses an...
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  • Johnston, Iowa

    Hike Sycamore Trail

    6.9 mi / 88 ft gain
    Sycamore Trail is a 7 mile loop hike that takes you by a river located near Des Moines, Iowa.
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  • Ocheyedan, Iowa

    Hike up the Ocheyedan Mound

    0.3 mi / 59 ft gain
    Once thought to be the highest point in Iowa, the Ocheyedan Mound stands tall in the middle of prairie grasses and cornfields. Though it was surpassed by Hawkeye Point, it is still one of the highest points in Iowa. The trail is free to public and easy to park at. It is a mowed trail that has a p...
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  • Sioux City, Iowa

    Hike Bacon Creek Trail

    2.8 mi / 147 ft gain
    Bacon Creek Trail is a 2.8 mile loop hike that is good for all skill levels located in Bacon Creek Park near Sioux City, Iowa. This loop hike is relatively easy with minimal elevation gain and a good one for the whole family. The trail is well-marked and partially paved.Keep an eye out as there a...
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  • Hampton, Iowa

    Hike Beeds Lake Trail

    2 mi / 68 ft gain
    Beeds Lake Trail is a 2 mile loop hike that takes you by a lake located near Hampton, Iowa.
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  • East Holman, Iowa

    Ed Winkel Memorial Trail

    8.4 mi / 154 ft gain
    The Ed Winkel Memorial Trail is located in Sibley, Iowa. It spans over 8 miles and includes a paved section that covers the first mile. Along the trail, you'll pass a golf course, cornfields, prairies, and many wildflowers. Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed. This trail is great for hik...
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  • Sibley, Iowa

    Hawkeye Point Iowa

    0.28 mi / 33 ft gain
    Hawkeye Point is the highest point in Iowa. Surrounded by cornfields the caretakers for this location have done a great job with some informative displays and marking the point itself. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area. Directions: From I-90. Go to Worthington, Minnesota and take...
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