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Looking for the best running in Iowa? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Iowa. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Running Spots in and near Iowa

  • Muscatine, Iowa

    Hike to Devil's Punch Bowl, WIldcat Den SP

    1.3 mi / 235 ft gain
    Wild Cat Den State Park is located between Blue Grass, Iowa and Muscatine, Iowa, just south of the Quad Cities. If traveling on Highway 22, look for Wild Cat Den Road. If you are coming from Highway 61, look for Vail Road, and then turn left on to New Era road, which will lead into the park.  Par...
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  • Ames, Iowa

    Hike the McFarland Park Loop

    5 mi / 300 ft gain
    After parking in the main lot by the Story County Conservation building, you can choose between two starting points. I recommend starting on the left side of the parking lot at the gravel road and closed yellow gate, as this is a better point for the end of your loop. Hike about 200 yards along t...
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  • Sioux City, Iowa

    Walk along the Sioux City Riverfront Trail

    10 mi / 164 ft gain
    The Sioux City Riverfront Trail spans over ten miles and follows along the Missouri River. It passes the welcome center, a river museum, and multiple parks. The trail is relatively flat, and suits people of all ages, so bring the family!  As you walk along the trail, you can get beautiful views o...
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  • Boone, Iowa

    Hike the Canyon Road and Table Rock Loop

    This park is part of the Des Moines river valley that cuts through most of the area. It's a hot spot for cooling off in the summer given the two rivers and also a great place for hiking. During the spring, fall and winter, the road down into the valley is closed. In the summer, it is open for ...
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  • Ocheyedan, Iowa

    Hike the Willow Creek Park Trail

    0.6 mi / 13 ft gain
    Willow Creek Park Trail is located at Willow Creek County Recreation near Ocheyedan, Iowa. It has a peaceful lake with multiple docks, a .6 mile trail that runs around the lake, a playground, and picnic area. It is easily accessed off IA-9 and is free. The trail travels through prairie grasses an...
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  • Westfield, Iowa

    Hike Five Ridge Prairie

    4.8 mi / 790 ft gain
    Five Ridge Prairie State Preserve is located in Westfield, Iowa. The trail winds through both wooded areas and open prairie. It spans 4.8 miles and is mainly used for hiking and running. It is free to park at, though to get here, you'll have to drive a gravel road.  The trail has slopes and flat ...
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  • East Holman, Iowa

    Ed Winkel Memorial Trail

    8.4 mi / 154 ft gain
    The Ed Winkel Memorial Trail is located in Sibley, Iowa. It spans over 8 miles and includes a paved section that covers the first mile. Along the trail, you'll pass a golf course, cornfields, prairies, and many wildflowers. Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed. This trail is great for hik...
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