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    Find local adventures, unique places to stay, and guided adventure tours in Illinois.

    Top Spots in and near Illinois

    • Golconda, Illinois

      Ghost Dance Canyon

      0.58 mi / 39 ft gain
      When you arrive at Dixon Springs State Park, drive through the park and stop and take in the main attraction of a waterfall that is partially man made. Then drive and park at the swimming pool, walk to the front of it where the building is, and turn to the right. Follow the trail, and be mindful ...
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    • Lake Villa, Illinois

      Hike Hastings Lake LCFP

      2.37 mi / 88 ft gain
      Park in the lot off of Butler Lane (see map) to access the trail. This trail is open year round, is dog-friendly, and offers a variety of activities. In the winter, bring your snow gear!
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    • Galesburg, Illinois

      Run Lake Storey

      5 mi / 100 ft gain
      Just north of Galesburg on route 150 turn right onto Lake Storey road, follow it down until you turn right on W Lake Storey Road. The trailhead starts right on the corner of South Lake Storey & West Lake Storey Road. There you will be able to pull off to the side of the road to park your vehi...
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    • Galesburg, Illinois

      Camp at Lake Storey's Allison Campground

      Allison campground at Lake Storey is a beautiful and popular area for campers of all skill levels. It provides easy access to the lake and to launch your boats if you wish to go fishing. There are plenty of places to set up camp. The campground is RV accessible with a significant amount of space ...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Hike to Bork's Falls

      0.5 mi / 227 ft gain
      Located off Regent Lane/Cedar Grove Road near Goreville, Illinois, Bork's Falls is a beautiful waterfall with little visitor traffic. The bottom of the falls is accessible from either side of the ravine with a very short hike. This waterfall generally flows year round, unlike most other waterfall...
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    • Gorham, Illinois

      Explore Kindcaid Lake Spillway

      One of Illinois' best kept secrets, the Kincaid Lake Spillway is a awesome swimming hole just outside of Murphysboro. The three level cascade makes for a great place to spend a hot summer day. People sit, splash, or even slide down the tiers into the pools below.  There is a small side trail that...
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    • Junction, Illinois

      Hike Rim Rock National Recreation Trail

      1.7 mi / 360 ft gain
      Rim Rock Trail follows the edge of the bluff top, hence its name, and features vistas of a slot canyon below, a stone fort used by prehistoric Native Americans, a cave used on the Underground Railroad, and diverse wildlife habitats. Located near very popular Garden of the Gods, Rim Rock is someti...
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    • Ozark, Illinois

      Explore Camp Ondessonk

      10 mi
      In the heart of the Shawnee National Forest is an amazing camp that provides many adventures for those with all skill levels. When camp is out, anyone is allowed to visit Camp Ondessonk as a guest and explore. There are over 10 miles of trails through pristine forests,  sandstone canyons, and sev...
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    • Galesburg, Illinois

      Bike the Lincoln Park Loop

      4 mi
      Riding this loop is a popular place for cyclists during beautiful sunny days in summer and spring. This loop is about 4 miles long and has plenty of space on the trail to share with passing cars. The loop is hardly ever busy and is a fairly easy ride. You can cycle the loop at your own pace and e...
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    • Pope County, Illinois

      Hike to Indian Kitchen

      4.8 mi / 192 ft gain
      Designated a national natural landmark in 1980, Lusk Creek Canyon is the name of a 906-acre canyon located within the Lusk Creek Wilderness Area of the Shawnee National Forest in Pope County, Illinois. The Lusk Creek Canyon Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark features an outstanding sce...
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    • Vienna, Illinois

      Bike the Tunnel Hill State Trail

      9.3 mi / 326 ft gain
      The 9.3 (one way) section of the 44.5 mile that begins at the Tunnel Hill access point and travels south to Vienna, Illinois is one of the most picturesque stretches of Southern Illinois.  The former Norfolk Southern Railroad line connects to many other popular trails like the River to River Trai...
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    • Pomona, Illinois

      Hike to Pomona Natural Bridge

      0.5 mi / 68 ft gain
      The Pomona Natural Bridge located in Pomona Illinois is a great hike for most ages.  Starting on a scenic drive from the small town of Pomona, there is ample parking at the trailhead. The hiking trail is easily identified with its gravel path and sign. The trail begins at the top of a hill then d...
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    • Cave-In-Rock State Park, Illinois

      Hike to Cave-in-Rock

      0.75 mi / 110 ft gain
      Located in a Southern Illinois State Park bearing its name, Cave-in-Rock is a 55 ft wide limestone cavern that sits along the banks of the Ohio River. Once a site of Murderers, River Pirates, and a brothel is now a crown jewel of the Illinois State Park system. The beauty of the area and the dark...
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    • Ozark, Illinois

      Hike Bell Smiths Springs

      1.5 mi / 164 ft gain
      Four separate trails make up the 8 miles of available hikes in the Bell Smith Springs National Natural Landmark. The dirt trails can be moderate to difficult in some areas. Please, stay on designated trails. The trails pass under large shelter bluffs and various rock formations while offering vie...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Hike & Climb at Jackson Falls

      4.5 mi / 410 ft gain
      The road into Jackson Falls is rough and sometimes has washouts. A high clearance or 4x4 vehicle are almost required. Once you reach the parking or primitive camping area, take the short path to the top of the falls. It is close to only a 0.25 miles. This will give you a visual of the rest of the...
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    • Elizabethtown, Illinois

      Visit Iron Furnace Historic Site

      Originally built in 1837, this thirty two foot tall structure was constructed on a limestone foundation and erected with limestone blocks quarried locally from the town of Cave-In-Rock. This iron furnace is the last remaining of its kind in Illinois. It is thought that some of the iron produced h...
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