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  • Summerland Key, Florida

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    Top Spots in and near Summerland Key

    • Big Pine Key, Florida

      Beach Day at Bahia Honda SP

      When you arrive at Bahia Honda you will have to pay an entrance fee which is usually by the carload if I remember correctly. Once you leave the entrance you will have the choice to turn either right or left. If you take a right you will head towards the busier beach and also the access to the old...
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    • Marathon, Florida

      Snorkel at Sombrero Reef

      Sombrero Reef is a coral reef 8 miles offshore from Key Colony Beach. Launch your private boat from the free 33rd Street Public Boat Ramp or book a catamaran tour from Marathon. Tie your boat off on one of the 11 mooring buoys on the South side of the 142 foot Sombrero Key Lighthouse. Get your wa...
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    • Key West, Florida

      Dry Tortugas National Park

      Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the most remote National Parks you can visit. Located 70 miles off the coast of Key West, FL it is accessible via commercial ferry, seaplane, or private boat. Our family of 5 camped for two nights in the campground on Garden Key. We snorkeled, swam, explored ...
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    • Key West, Florida

      Fort Zachary Taylor

      Although small, there is still one untouched secret location in Key West where you can escape all the herd following tourists.Not much in life is more picture perfect and memorable than a sunset. This beach offers an incredible sunset. This secluded wild side of Key West will cost you an incredib...
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    • Islamorada, Florida

      Anne's Beach

      One of the Best beaches in Florida keys. 3 parking lots so easy to park if it's not packed. Go when it's low tide and you could walk for miles in shallow warm crystal clear waters. You can put up a hammock or blanket nestled in the mangroves.
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    • Homestead, Florida

      Kayak Camp on the East Cape, FL

      Camp along a 3 mile stretch of untouched old Florida. Not only is this the real southernmost point in the continental US (the Keys are islands), but you will most likely have it to yourself. Spot dolphins, bald eagles, ospreys, and a ton of other birds on this awesome over nighter that is great f...
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    • Homestead, Florida

      Camp at Clubhouse Beach

      Head west from the Flamingo marina and hug the shoreline for about 4 miles (25.130287, -81.039099). Once you see an opening in the mangroves and there is sand visible you have hit your spot.Make sure to time your arrival and departure with the tides or you will get stuck at your campsite for a fe...
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    Escape to the Sunshine

    VISIT FLORIDA, serves as Florida's official source for travel planning. What can be discovered beyond Florida’s 825 miles of beaches? How about 320 freshwater springs, 175 state parks, infinite mangrove tunnels and hidden caverns. Let your adventure begin. Follow Your Sunshine.

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    Camping and Lodging in Summerland Key

    Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Resort
    Summerland Key, Florida

    Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Resort

    Flamingo Everglades National Park
    Homestead, Florida

    Flamingo Everglades National Park

    From $89 / night