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Guffey, Colorado

Looking for the best chillin in Guffey? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Guffey. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Chillin Spots in and near Guffey

  • Manitou Springs, Colorado

    Hike Palmer Trail Loop at Section 16

    5.5 mi / 1400 ft gain
    The Section 16 trailhead can be found on lower Gold Camp Road. Almost immediately, the trail begins to rise in elevation. The grade is gentle at first but soon becomes a steep steady climb for about a mile and a half, until you reach the ridge.  Along the way, you will see many intersecting trail...
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  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Hike, Climb, or Bike Red Rock Open Space

    3 mi / 300 ft gain
    Red Rock Canyon Open Space was made public in the early 00's after years of use as a quarry and landfill. Some of the stone quarried from the area have even been used in some of the downtown buildings. Getting there is straightforward, heading West on 24 there is an obvious turn off left between ...
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  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Hike Pulpit Rock

    2.2 mi / 505 ft gain
    Heading South on N. Nevada Blvd. you will pass a Harley Davidson dealership on your left, about a mile after that there is a large parking lot for Pulpit Rock Park. Once you park, there is a clearly marked trailhead that will get you on your way! There are various trails you can take to get the t...
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  • Monument, Colorado

    Mt. Herman & 715 Loop

    6.16 mi / 1877 ft gain
    The Basics: Mt. Herman is the most prominent peak overlooking Monument, CO and is easily spotted from I-25. The area between Monument and the mountain hosts a large network of meandering trails that are great for trail running and mountain biking. Our hike today starts at the uppermost parking lo...
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  • Buena Vista, Colorado

    Photograph Cottonwood Lake, CO

    0.1 mi / 1 ft gain
    Wherever you are in Colorado, turn your route towards Buena Vista in South West Colorado - you will not be disappointed. To start, Buena Vista is a really cool town with great places to eat and visit. So make sure you check out the city before heading up Cottonwood Pass. When you are ready to hea...
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  • Fairplay, Colorado

    Stay the Night in an Off-Grid Cabin in Fairplay, CO

    This will be an amazing experience for anyone that books this cabin, guaranteed. It's the perfect size with a kitchen, living room, bunk beds, and back porch. In addition to the main house there is a tree house that has a couch and a bed in it as well; so the property can host a decent sized grou...
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  • Pine, Colorado

    Dispersed Camp at the Buffalo Creek Area in Pike National Forest

    50 miles from Denver, nestled in Pike National Forest, there are dozens of free dispersed camping sites. With quick access to the Colorado Trail and Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Area, these campsites make for a perfect weekend getaway. The campsites begin on Forest Road 550, and are clearly marked...
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  • Buena Vista, Colorado

    Backpacking to Kroenke Lake

    9 mi / 2750 ft gain
    Starting at the North Cottonwood trailhead just outside of Buena Vista, Colorado. This hike will take you 4.5 miles to the lake with about 2750 feet of elevation gain. The hike is mostly mellow and you'll likely see hikers heading up to Horn Fork basin to hike Mt. Harvard and Columbia. Campsites ...
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  • Nathrop, Colorado

    Explore the St. Elmo Ghost Town

    If you're willing to go off the beaten path to a neat little ghost town, St. Elmo, Colorado is the place for you! About 2 and a half hours west of Colorado Springs, Colorado lies the town of St. Elmo, high up in the White River National Forest.The town itself was founded in 1880 when they discov...
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  • Larkspur, Colorado

    Spruce Mountain Loop

    5.46 mi / 810 ft gain
    Spruce mountain is an approximately 4.2 mile loop outside of Colorado Springs near Palmer lake. The hike is a pretty easy one, that has some great views of the Front Range including peak a boo views of Pikes Peak. Starting at the Trailhead, you can either take the right or left trail which will t...
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  • Moffat, Colorado

    Unwind at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs

    Joyful Journey hot springs offers the full hotel and spa treatment, but in a valley where most people live off the grid, we chose the more rugged experience.The yurts gather together like penguins huddling not far from the springs. The wooden slates offer welcome relief from the frigid valley wea...
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  • Gunnison County, Colorado

    Hike to Lost Lake

    2.4 mi / 600 ft gain
    This Trail starts at about 11,200 feet right before the top of cottonwood pass. The trailhead starts at the LAST pull-off before you reach the top of the pass, so if you reach the top, you've gone too far. The hike isn't a super difficult one, but you will go through numerous streams and flooded ...
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  • Gunnison County, Colorado

    Take in the Views on Cottonwood Pass

    Starting in the town of Buena Vista, head west on E Main Street until it turns into State Highway 306. After about 40 minutes of driving and some winding roads the Continental Divide sign welcomes you to a gravel parking lot. You can get out and hike as you please, but the view from the parking l...
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  • Breckenridge, Colorado

    Discover Ancient Trees on Windy Ridge

    The Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area is a remote stand of trees off a 4WD road near Alma, Colorado. This grove of bristlecone pines was given protected status in 1964 due to its uniquely shaped trees influenced by the winds blasting off nearby 14er, Mount Bross. The area sits at 11,700 ...
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