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Boulder, Colorado

Looking for the best snowboarding in Boulder? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Boulder. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Snowboarding Spots in and near Boulder

  • Ward, Colorado

    Winter Camp at Lefthand Reservoir

    3 mi / 250 ft gain
    The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is a winter adventurers playground with numerous snowshoe and cross country ski options to be explored. This area is popular as it offers dramatic mountain peaks, a trail for everyone (no motorized vehicles off of pavement), and close proximity to the Denver and ...
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  • Idaho Springs, Colorado

    Hiking James Peak (13,294')

    8.3 mi / 3000 ft gain
    James Peak is one of 76 13,000'+ peaks in Colorado's front range. On your way up to the peak you will pass St. Mary's Glacier. It is not an actual glacier yet a permeant snow field that is popular among skiers and snowboarders year round. St. Mary's Glaicer is a very popular destination (though m...
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  • Estes Park, Colorado

    Winter Hike Flattop Mountain

    8.6 mi / 2850 ft gain
    To catch the sunrise, begin at the Bear Lake trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park. From the trailhead, veer right around bear lake and continue along the Odessa Lake/Flattop Mountain trail. This will begin to ascend on your right.After approximately 1 mile, the Flattop Mountain Trail will sp...
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  • Estes Park, Colorado

    Snowshoe to Emerald Lake

    3.6 mi / 605 ft gain
    Snowshoeing to Emerald Lake was completely different from hiking the trail during summer. Instead of hiking around Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake, I was able to go straight across them (check the ice to make sure it's thick enough to support your weight). Rocky Mountain National Park's...
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  • Estes Park, Colorado

    Winter Camp at Moraine Park

    For the extra-adventurous (my friends call me crazy for this), I recommend experiencing Rocky Mountain National Park in the off-season, when nobody else is there. Dead winter.Of course, you'll want to be uber prepared if you choose to take on this adventure, as the mountains are very unforgiving,...
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  • Berthoud Pass, Colorado

    Ski or Snowboard Berthoud Pass Colorado

    Berthoud Pass is 55 miles from Denver making it one of the closest places to get out and backcountry tour in the winter. At 11,370 Berthoud Pass crosses the continental divide. From the top of the pass you can do shuttle runs down the south side of the pass. Or, you can venture on the East or Wes...
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  • Walden, Colorado

    Backcountry Ski or Snowboard at Cameron Pass

    To get to Cameron Pass, drive west out of Fort Collins from Highway 287, to Highway 14, into Poudre Canyon. Take the drive all the way through Poudre Canyon, and soon you will climb out of the canyon and towards the continental divide at Cameron Pass. Once you see the sign at the top of the pass ...
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  • Bellvue, Colorado

    Winter camp at Zimmerman Lake

    2.7 mi / 518 ft gain
    This is a fairly popular snowshoeing and cross country skiing trail in the winter and offers a variety of additional trail options from the lake. Starting at the parking lot, the trailhead is easily accessed and begins the very gradual assent to Lake Zimmerman. Once at the lake, there are beautif...
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