Twain, California

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Top Running Spots in and near Twain

  • Lassen County, California

    Backpack the Caribou Wilderness Lakes Loop

    12 mi
    The caribou lakes loop is very laid back, making it a great start for first time backpackers and kids. Word of caution: in the summer the mosquitos are plenty, I'd recommend this loop for the fall. From the parking lot there is a visible sign pointing you in the direction of the trailhead near Ca...
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  • Sierra City, California

    Sierra Buttes Lookout Trail

    5.09 mi / 1365 ft gain
    Sierra Buttes Lookout Trail is an out-and-back trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Sierra City, California.
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  • Tehama County, California

    Brokeoff Mountain Trail

    6.93 mi / 2474 ft gain
    Peaking above the volcanic valley at 9235 ft, Brokeoff Mountain is only second in height to Mt. Lassen in the national park they share. Brokeoff was once a part of a larger volcano called Mt. Tehama that erupted, eventually leading to its collapse. The event left a rugged volcanic rim, now con...
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  • Chico, California

    Hike the Yahi Trail in Upper Bidwell Park

    7.9 mi / 836 ft gain
    To start this hike, find parking at Bidwell Park Parking Area E, near the Chico Rod and Gun Club. From there walk a short ways down Upper Park Road. You will see the sign for the Yahi Trail trailhead on the right. From here, simply follow the trail along the river. A reminder to those with dogs, ...
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  • Shingletown, California

    Hike the Chaos Crags Trail

    3.8 mi / 915 ft gain
    Manzanita Lake campground is located about 1/2 mile past the Northwest entrance of Lassen Volcanic National Park.  The trailhead is located just before the campground sites about 0.1 mile off of the main road and marked with a sign (including a  map) and a few parking spaces.   The trail starts o...
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  • Shingletown, California

    Manzanita Lake Loop

    1.88 mi / 121 ft gain
    Manzanita Lake Loop Trail is a loop trail that takes you by a lake located near Old Station, California.
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  • Oroville, California

    Feather River Trail Upper Section

    3.23 mi / 89 ft gain
    Feather River Trail Upper Section is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Oroville, California.
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  • Nevada City, California

    Hike the Diggins Loop Trail

    2.7 mi
    Check in and pay for your parking or present California State Parks Pass at the museum building in North Bloomfield.  After paying for parking there are several different options to get onto the Diggins Loop trail.  Access to the Diggins Loop trail can be found by the Park Headcounters by jumping...
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