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Mountain Center, California

Looking for the best photography in Mountain Center? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Mountain Center. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near Mountain Center

  • Julian, California

    Hike Stonewall Peak

    3.82 mi / 820 ft gain
    This hike is one of the most popular in the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. When you reach Stonewall Peak's summit, enjoy the view of the surrounding park and nearby Lake Cuyamaca. The hike up the east side is a popular and relatively easy trail. Although you'll be gaining 800 feet, the hike is relat...
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  • Julian, California

    Hike Cuyamaca Peak

    5.5 mi / 1700 ft gain
    This peak is one of the tallest in the county. Reaching the summit of the peak takes you to an elevation of 6500'. Although this peak isn't as challenging as others nearby, it's located in the center of San Diego, which offers up amazing views, which is the main reason to take this hike. The best...
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  • Ramona, California

    Cedar Creek Falls

    5.52 mi / 1024 ft gain
    The trail to Cedar Falls starts out at a hill in a residential area and ends in an unexpected spot where there is a beautiful waterfall complete with a swimming hole. Surrounded by 75-foot-high cliffs, a magnificent waterfall splashes into a pool known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Hikers have been ...
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  • San Diego County, California

    Exploring Anza Borrego's Wind Caves

    The drive to the caves is pretty lengthy, so be prepared.First you will drive through Anza Borrego State Park on Highway 78, then on a Split Mountain road which eventually turns into gravel road, and you need to look out for the entrance to the wash-road (which if you like to off road, is a perfe...
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  • Escondido, California

    Camp at Dixon Lake

    2.1 mi / 295 ft gain
    Dixon Lake is Escondido's best kept secret! A man-made reservoir located right next to Daley Ranch, Dixon Lake offers overnight camping, boat rentals, fishing, and hiking, along with picnic areas, a kids park, and more.  The campground is open year-round and is located next to the lake with a lof...
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  • Angelus Oaks, California

    Jenks Lake

    0.77 mi / 49 ft gain
    If you want to experience beauty and solitude in SoCal look no further than Jenks Lake. Not too far from Big Bear Lake, but secluded enough to keep most away in the winter, Jenks Lake is a small but lovely alpine lake near HWY 38 in Angelus Oaks. Driving to the lake is beautiful in itself as HWY...
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  • San Diego County, California

    Hike Garnet Peak Trail

    2.6 mi / 500 ft gain
    While there are a few trail options, the designated Garnet Peak Trail begins off of Sunrise Highway at Mile Marker 27.8. There is a small pull-off on the east side of the road with a sign denoting the trail. An Adventure Pass is required for parking in this area of Cleveland National Forest.The f...
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  • Riverside County, California

    Dispersed Camp at Old Dale Mining District

    It can be a pain to try and camp in Joshua Tree. Most of the sites get reserved way in advance and if you are looking for privacy or a quiet area, it's not going to happen.  But you can camp outside the park on BLM land and there is a great place to do this, it's called Old Dale Mining district. ...
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  • Forest Falls, California

    Summit Mt. San Bernardino from Angelus Oaks

    16 mi / 4775 ft gain
    The trailhead is somewhat 'interesting' to get to given the dirt roads are in questionable shape and some of the roads in Angelus Oaks are not easily identifiable but I didn't have any problems finding it by closely following Google Maps.    Trailhead parking requires an Adventure Pass parking pe...
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