Exploring Anza Borrego's Wind Caves

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Stunning Landscapes. No light Pollution. Great for Night Photography and Timelapse.

The drive to the caves is pretty lengthy, so be prepared.

First you will drive through Anza Borrego State Park on Highway 78, then on a Split Mountain road which eventually turns into gravel road, and you need to look out for the entrance to the wash-road (which if you like to off road, is a perfect place to take your truck or SUV to play at). The wash-road is pretty flat; smaller cars, like Honda Civics, have been able to make it there, but you need to be REALLY careful and choose your path wisely. After about 2-3 miles you will drive out on what looks like a parking lot. From there, there is a trail that leads to the wind caves.

The wind caves are a fun spot to play around. The have multiple large holes and about 3 rows of rock formations with a walking area between them.


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Love this place

Great little hike and cool view of the badlands below the Elephants Knees. Fun to camp in the wash nearby too. I was just there last weekend and small cars like a Civic cannot make it there with the rocks in the road. High clearance is needed for several spots and picking the right line won't help. Only downside to the hike is the relative crowds you'll run into. A bit surprising after the long drive down here!