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    Looking for the best mountain biking in California? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around California. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Mountain Biking Spots in and near California

    • Los Angeles, California

      Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area Loop

      2.85 mi / 328 ft gain
      The Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area is just outside of downtown LA, a perfect location for hiking, trail running, and biking. The trail loops up to the top of a hill, where hikers get sweeping views of LA. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leash.  This is also a great location for trail running...
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    • Santa Rosa, California

      Hike Crane Creek Regional Park

      3.5 mi
      With multiple loops of varying length, this park is great for anyone looking for a casual hike around a beautiful area in the foothills of Rohnert Park. Crane Creek has nice secluded picnic areas next to the creek in the cover of willow, alder, buckeye and bay trees. There's also an 18-hole disc ...
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    • Shoshone, California

      Camp in the Greenwater Valley in Death Valley NP

      Greenwater Valley in the southeast corner of Death Valley National Park is a fantastic representation of the many features that the Park has to offer but without the crowds (and traffic) found in the primary campgrounds like those around Stovepipe Wells and Texas Spring. In addition to being quit...
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    • Chula Vista, California

      Hike Mother Miguel Mountain

      4.5 mi / 977 ft gain
      At the summit, your work will be rewarded with stunning views from downtown San Diego all the way to Mexico. You can also see the surrounding mountain peaks and the Sweetwater Reservoir.  This is a great hike to do at sunset - but bring a headlamp / flashlight for the hike back down. This trail i...
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    • Redwood City, California

      Hike the Methuselah and El Corte De Madera Creek Loop

      6.2 mi / 1800 ft gain
      This loop hike will provide people with the opportunity to experience the tranquility of the lower canyons of the preserve, which tend to be more isolated than the heavier-trafficked trails that are closer to the main highway. Be warned that this hike is fairly strenuous because of the large amou...
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    • San Luis Obispo, California

      Mountain Bike Cuesta Ridge

      7 mi / -1600 ft gain
      Start at the parking lot directly off of Highway 101, head up TV tower Road for 2.8 Miles and a 900' climb from 1500' to 2400'. The trail is an old fire road that has degraded over the years and is full of potholes. Starting October 2015, the road has been closed to vehicles as its being repaved ...
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    • Burbank, California

      Old Youth Camp Loop

      2.59 mi / 732 ft gain
      The Old Youth Camp Loop is a 2.6-mile loop with over 700 feet of elevation gain that can be ran, hiked, or even mountain biked if you prefer. While not completely empty the area receives very little visitors and is a great place to enjoy a little more solitude than near by hiking locations. The l...
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    • Oakland, California

      Hike Redwood Regional Park via the Dunn Loop

      3.6 mi / 606 ft gain
      The Redwood Regional Dunn Loop is just outside of Oakland, and can be reached from anywhere in the Bay Area for a fun day or half-day trip. The trail is open year-round. In the spring, wildflowers are abundant. The trail has a great mix of sun and shade. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leash. 
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    • Pearblossom, California

      Camp at Horse Flats Campground

      The Horse Flats Campground is located 29 miles up Highway 2 from Interstate 210. You will turn left at the Santa Clara Divide Road(this intersection is also known as 3 Points). 3 miles down the road you will turn left to enter the campground. I have camped here a few times and its always been pre...
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    • Lone Pine, California

      Mountain Bike Alabama Hills Loop

      14.7 mi / 1906 ft gain
      This 14.7 mile loop has some fun single track descents through the gorgeous Alabama Hills. It kicks off with a climb up the road, which can easily be shuttled if you have more than one car or someone to brave a hitched ride up the road.  From the trailhead start, you'll encounter quite a bit of l...
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    • Bakersfield, California

      Oak Flat Lookout

      / 80 ft gain
      Spend a few nights under the stars in a unique piece of outdoor history. The Oak Flat Lookout, constructed in 1934, was once staffed by rangers providing critical wild life management services on watch for wildfires in the surrounding Sequoia National Forest through the 1980s. The Oak Flat lookou...
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    • South Lake Tahoe, California

      Bike the Van Sickle Bi-State Park Trail

      Starting at the top of Stagecoach Lift on Heavenly Resort this trail wraps around the north slope down to the bottom of town at the casinos. It has amazing view all the way down as you make your way down the woods up top and then cruise through the burn area near the gondola fire down to the bott...
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    • Newport Beach, California

      Bommer Ridge from the Pacific Ridge Trailhead

      7.54 mi / 394 ft gain
      The Bommer Ridge West Trailhead aka The Pacific Ridge Trailhead begins at the edge of Ridge Park Road, overlooking CA State Highway 73, and marks the northwest entrance to the Laguna Coast Wilderness and its neighbor, Crystal Cove State Park. From the well-marked trailhead follow the trail south...
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    • San Diego, California

      Visitor Center Loop Trail

      1.46 mi / 148 ft gain
      The Visitor Center Loop Trail is a 1.4 mile hike in San Diego that features river views and allows dogs.The Visitor Center Loop Trail is a well maintained, quick hike with shady spots scattered along the path and open year-round. This trail is great for kids and dog owners. There is a great netwo...
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    • Los Angeles, California

      Verdugo Peak via Hostetter Fire Road

      7.39 mi / 1627 ft gain
      Verdugo Peak, at 3000 feet, is accessible from multiple directions and trails along the Verdugo Range. The most direct route to the top is Hostetter Fire Road, a 3.6-mile hard-packed dirt trail that climbs 1600 feet to the 3,126-foot summit. The hike begins at the dirt parking lot off of La Tuna ...
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    • Anaheim, California

      Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail

      1.42 mi / 187 ft gain
      The Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail features beautiful wildflowers and is accessible year-round. The trail is well kept and offers lots of shady spots. The first portion of this hike will take you up a hill, and then to a fork. One direction will take you around a reservoir and another will ta...
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