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Lake Hughes, California

Looking for the best backpacking in Lake Hughes? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Lake Hughes. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Backpacking Spots in and near Lake Hughes

  • Lake Hughes, California

    Hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Horse Trail to Bear Campground

    11.63 mi / 2396 ft gain
    This is part of the Pacific Crest Trail. If you're through-hiking or sectional hiking, you'll have to hit it eventually. Try and avoid it in the late summer or early fall because of heat, and gnats. Find a way to check the bug report, we got marauded by gnats 90% of the way (early October) and ap...
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  • Castaic, California

    Hiking the Piru Creek Gorge Trail

    Take the I-5 exit North of Castaic, CA at Templin Hwy. Turn onto Golden State Hwy heading the only direction it goes from the exit, North. When it dead-ends in a few miles at the National Forest Gate, you are at Frenchman's Flat.You can camp here, or hang with the day hikers. Heading North along ...
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  • Los Angeles County, California

    Trail Canyon Falls

    4.56 mi / 1017 ft gain
    To get to the trail, take Big Tujunga Canyon Road until you see signs for Trail Canyon Road. The entry point is easy to miss, but keep an eye out for a stop sign and cars parked at the bottom of a dirt path. Drive up the dirt path for direct parking at the trailhead (4x4 is definitely recommended...
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  • Los Angeles County, California

    Bear Canyon via Switzer Falls Trailhead

    6.67 mi / 1273 ft gain
    Parking: Parking is available at the Switzer Falls Picnic Area, or in the two overflow lots on the hill. You will need an Adventure Pass to leave your car parked here. Make sure to follow posted signs - there are some parking spots that do not allow overnight parking. Amenities: Bear Canyon has...
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  • Los Angeles County, California

    Idlehour Trail

    14.89 mi / 4665 ft gain
    Idlehour Trail located near Mount Wilson, California, is an out-and-back trail that is strenuous and can take 8-10 hours if done all at once. There are opportunities to camp off the trail, making this a backpacking trail in the Angeles National Forest as well.  To access the Idlehour Campground ...
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  • Pearblossom, California

    Cooper Canyon Trail Camp

    5.37 mi / 1214 ft gain
    There's a small parking lot just below Cloudburst Summit on the way to Mount Waterman. Start your adventure there. I'd be hard-pressed to say it's more than 15 yards from the sign for the summit (7018' AMSL). There's a fire road, if you're newer to altitude and don't know how to read a map (or e...
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  • Pearblossom, California

    Mt. Waterman

    5.87 mi / 1499 ft gain
    Mt. Waterman is accessed along Highway 2 in the Angeles National Forest. Heading east from La Canada look for mileage marker 58.0 (34 miles from La Canada) just past the closed ski resort. Park at one of the large paved turnouts on your left. Display an Adventure Pass ($5 at Ranger Station or Big...
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  • Altadena, California

    Eaton Canyon to Idlehour Trail Camp

    10.99 mi / 3291 ft gain
    Idlehour is nestled deep in the Angeles National Forest, so it feels like you're in the heart of some untapped wilderness instead of six miles away from a bustling metropolis. The trail camp is accessible by foot through a variety of locations, but the most popular route is through Eaton Canyon, ...
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  • Ojai, California

    Willett Hot Springs via Sespe River Trail

    20.08 mi / 2598 ft gain
    Park at the Lions Camp parking lot. Adventure Passes aren't technically "required" but it never hurts to have one. You can stop at the Forest Service in Ojai (1190 E. Ojai Ave) or stop at the Wheeler Gorge Station on your way up to buy one for $5 for a night. The trail begins at the far side of t...
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  • Azusa, California

    Little Jimmy Trail Camp

    3.36 mi / 607 ft gain
    Take Hwy 2 out of La Canada north along Angeles Crest Highway. Follow this for quite some time enjoying the fine views in all directions. After traveling through two consecutive tunnels continue to the Islip Saddle parking lot (on left). There will be a vault toilet & a picnic table. Display ...
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  • Llano, California

    Table Mountain Campground

    Table Mountain Campground is a hilly campground that offers ADA-accessible sites, pit toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, BB! grill, water, and parking spaces for a two-car limit. Rules are strictly enforced, which is great, so we can enjoy nature and not someone’s party/music. Book your campgro...
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  • Maricopa, California

    Bear Trap Campground via Gene Marshall/Piedra Blanca Trail

    9.59 mi / 2211 ft gain
    There's no better feeling then camping out and having a whole site to you and your friends...wouldn't you agree?!?! ...Deep in the Sespe Wilderness in Ojai, California sits a tucked away, well-managed campsite called "Bear Trap Campground". This campsite can be reached at any point of the year a...
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