Calistoga, California

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Top Hiking Spots in and near Calistoga

  • Muir Beach, California

    Owl Trail

    1.2 mi / 300 ft gain
    The Owl Trail runs between Slide Ranch and the Muir Beach Overlook and is a great way to take in the breathtaking views, flora and fauna of the Northern California coast.  The easiest way to access the trail is to park at the Muir Beach Overlook and to take the trail down to Slide Ranch and then...
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  • Muir Beach, California

    Pirate's Cove

    3.43 mi / 856 ft gain
    Pirate's Cove is an out-and-back trail where you may see wildflowers located near Mill Valley, California.
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  • Mill Valley, California

    Coyote Ridge Loop

    6.15 mi / 1001 ft gain
    Starting just before the Tennessee Valley parking lot, head out from the Miwok Trailhead. This Mill Valley hike offers incredible views of the San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean (fog permitting of course!), and on occasion, wildlife. Unfortunately, this trail is not dog-friendly.  Keep in mind...
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  • Mill Valley, California

    Tennessee Beach via Tennessee Valley Trail

    3.64 mi
    The Tennessee Valley trail is leisurely 3.6 mile roundtrip hike that turns around at Tennessee Valley Cove. Along the way, you’ll hike past shrublands, wetlands, and a lake before you get to a cool little secluded beach that many people picnic at. This is probably the easiest to access, and most...
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  • Belvedere Tiburon, California

    Mt. Livermore via North Ridge Trail

    4.92 mi / 1178 ft gain
    Unless you own a boat or a kayak, this adventure requires a ride on the Blue and Gold Ferry from Pier 41 in San Francisco. But let’s be honest, that’s actually half the fun. Who doesn’t love a ferry ride? Angel Island State Park is the largest island in the Bay, and recommend the 6-mile loop aro...
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  • Tiburon, California

    Angel Island Perimeter Loop

    5.98 mi / 794 ft gain
    Angel Island Perimeter Loop is a loop trail around the circumference of the island in the San Francisco Bay. The island is located near Tiburon, California with views  of downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland, Sausalito, and TIburon as you traverse around the island. ...
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  • Orinda, California

    Wildcat Peak Loop

    5.89 mi / 1050 ft gain
    From Inspiration Point, head toward Nimitz gate. Once you pass through the gate, keep an eye out for Curran Trailhead; this is the trail you'll be starting on. After about 1/8 of a mile, you'll reach a junction with the Meadows Canyon Trail. Turn right onto this trail to continue the loop. This p...
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  • Berkeley, California

    Wildcat Peak via Nimitz Way

    4.16 mi / 459 ft gain
    Tilden Park is a beautiful recreational area with scenic hiking trails, a swimming lake, small animal farm, a steam train and botanical gardens. The versatility of this park makes it very family and kid friendly, and those who are looking for a moderate hike within the park have almost forty mile...
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