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Williams, Arizona

Top Spots in and near Williams

  • Yavapai County, Arizona

    Hike to Montezuma's Well

    0.5 mi / 117 ft gain
    This trail takes you to the rim of Montezuma Well, a massive collapsed limestone sinkhole. The springs at the bottom of the sinkhole feed a large pond which supports a unique aquatic habitat in this dry landscape. Scientists are still baffled as to the origin headwaters of the water within this c...
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  • Yavapai County, Arizona

    Explore Montezuma's Castle National Monument

    Montezuma Castle is actually one of the United State's first National Monuments. This five story 50 room cliff dwelling is one of the best preserved in all of North America. There is a short interpretive walk along the cliff in which one can see the many remnants of the previous inhabitants.The S...
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