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Williams, Arizona

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  • Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

    Oak Creek Canyon: A Family-Friendly Weekend Escape from Phoenix

    By the time Memorial Day rolls around in Phoenix, things begin heating up and it’s the perfect first long weekend of the year to escape to cooler weather. This year we hit Oak Creek Canyon for the holiday, and though it’s usually packed to the gills, we made plans to avoid the bigger crowds and f...
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  • Experience Sedona's Energy Vortexes

    The red-rocked valley where Sedona sits is an outdoor mecca full of endless hiking and mountain biking. But it's also a place with spiritual and sacred sites, known as energy vortexes, that cause juniper trees to twist and the rocks to buzz.  The belief in energy and having proper energy flow is ...
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  • 7 Unique getaways you need to see to believe

    If you’re feeling stuck or lacking inspiration for your next travel destination, think: what kind of sleeping arrangement would be unique and an adventure in itself? From glamping tents to airstreams, treehouses and luxury villas, many unique options go above and beyond your typical hotel. Befo...
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