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Phoenix, Arizona

Top Spots in and near Phoenix

  • Black Canyon City, Arizona

    Hike the Badger Spring Wash Trail

    4 mi
    Badger Spring Wash is a dry stream bed most of the year. This trail starts from the Badger Spring Trailhead just off Route 17 north from Phoenix. The trail follows the stream bed, sometimes in or along side for 1.5 miles. At about one mile, you reach the spring and a good amount of water which is...
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  • Coolidge, Arizona

    Explore Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    0.25 mi / 10 ft gain
    No one really knows why the people from the Sonoran Desert built this mud skyscraper. Some scientists believe it was built as a astronomical observatory. What ever the reason, the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is a engineering marvel that was built in the 1300's. People have been so puzzled...
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