At 65 degrees north latitude, the sky takes on a capricious life of its own—a canvas for the aurora borealis, the midnight sun, and sunsets and sunrises that last forever. Home to serious mountain ranges, pristine rivers and lakes, abundant wildlife and a certain poignant solitude that is found nowhere else on earth. Locals embrace the natural world and have created a vibrant river city in the far north. Where else can you travel to such a remote locale and still enjoy all the amenities of a charming downtown, a thriving arts community, rich Alaska Native culture, authentic Alaskan activities and attractions and endless opportunities for exploration?

Top Adventures in Fairbanks

Photograph the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

1 mi / 1 ft gain

Wander Lake Trail

1.57 mi / 131 ft gain

Chena Riverwalk

7.51 mi / 509 ft gain

Farm Road Trail and Chickadee Loop

2.38 mi / 161 ft gain

Boreal Forest and Seasonal Wetland Trail

2.41 mi / 171 ft gain

Birch Hill's Blue Loop Trail

1.26 mi / 161 ft gain
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Fairbanks camping, hotels, and more

Fairbanks, Alaska

Snow-White Escape

From $528/night

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From the community

These photographers set out to film the aurora borealis from the edge of space

Kyle Frost

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