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Tyler Zink

A super challenging hike that gives amazing views at the end. It's also worth hiking the neighbor bear peak.

This hike is a lot of fun especially in the summer. Curt Gowdy is an awesome place to camp, fish, hike and just hang out. The falls are beautiful to see in the spring and best to swim in on hot summer days. One of south eastern Wyoming's hidden and beautiful gems!

If you live in the Fort Collins area this is a must. It starts out pretty gradual and ends up climbing up the rocky summit. It's a little challenging at the end but very fun and rewarding. The peak has some amazing views and a great pool to picnic by. Look out for snakes and bring lots of sunscreen and water.

The scenery in the badlands is unreal and needs to be experienced at least once. This is a fun and different trail from the rest especially with the "ladder". The only issue I had was that it wasn't much a hike, it was short and didn't have the ending scenery that it potentially could of had.

We hiked this in the early spring when hardly any one else was on the path. It was a great time to do it and an amazing experience. I recommend taking the longer trail by the cathedral spires and little devil tower to add to the scenery. The peak gives a great 360 view and has awesome history behind the tower.

This was a great and fun drive. There is a lot of wildlife along the drive and endless overlooks of the badlands.